EISBRECHER released new album called “Liebe Macht Monster” (Love Makes Monsters)

The feeling that the world has stopped had been visiting us quite often in recent months. But it’s still spinning: at a normal pace for some and maybe a little slower than expected for others. However, for Eisbrecher, the earth is now spinning even faster than ever before: the cover album Schicksalsmelodien was released in October 2020 and immediately reached number 4 on the charts. Although the last note of this wonderful in many ways disc did not even have time to disappear completely, the next eighth studio album “Liebe Macht Monster” was released on March 12, 2021. The upcoming CD offers a variety of fascinating, multi-faceted, and extremely powerful songs with more than a dozen new breaking anthems.

Three and a half years after the release of the number 1 album “Sturmfahrt” (2017), Alex Wesselsky and guitarist, producer Noel Peaks have amended all the adjustment screws of their unmistakable sound and checked every detail to let fans know how exciting and versatile this work is. And while many famous performers have fallen into lethargy due to the current difficult times, these two have created a veritable avalanche of creativity. “The first important step was to reset everything,” Noel Peaks explains. “In order not to get bogged down in your own artistic cycle from the point of view of production. Sometimes you have to throw checked things overboard. Thus, all the carefully collected sounds from the past few years ended up in the trash can. It’s better to write on a blank sheet.” Wesselski adds, “It’s always been like that: only what knocks you down can blow others away! And it began … Bam! First steps: cigarette, brain on, heart on, computer on, phone on, door open, cigarette, cigarette off, microphone on … next song!”

As a result of this round of ideas, a total of 14 new works have appeared. On the one hand, they demonstrate all the proven strengths of Eisbrecher and on the other,  the entire stylistic range and great artistic potential of the group.



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