First professional pictures from the 2009 Rammstein tour



Few photographers took incredible pictures from Lisabon concert and now you can see it online on their pages.

Strong warning: Most of the arenas don’t allow to bring in your own camera, you need to have a photo licence to take pictures there. If you take pictures without this permission, you risk some troubles.

Now enjoy pictures from Carla Costa and Raquel Silvia (the links are the source as well).

Anyone visited the concert any can describe the light-in-the-mouth?


  1. Do we have pictures of the actual light set up outside of his mouth? Id like to see the set up. How its constructed.

  2. The light in Til’s mouth was created for the Ich tu dir weh video. They pierced his cheek and they run a cable along his neck to his face, the light is on the end of the cable and it sits inside his cheek. Look for the making of ich tu dir weh on youtube to see them talk about it.

  3. Ramstien heard them once. Loved them went out to “Mostly Music” and bought one of their CD fantastic! still kinda surprised that Till got his cheek pierced for the mouth light up its just so awsome its always great to hear a hardcore dance rock group that isn’t all about scremo and stuff ingnorant Keep RAMSTIEN GOING!!!!BEST THING EVER!!!

  4. it will seriously piss me off if they won’t play Asche zu Asche,Sehnsucht and Rein Raus, because last time they concerted in Prague i missed it(too young :-D), and i was soo excited about hearing this songs live …

  5. i think he has some sort of electric light in his mouth could be that he has 2 small lightbulbs or diods in there connected to a battery hidden by the feathers

  6. The concert was superb, and as I’ve read somewhere else it isn’t everyday that you will see thousands of people in Lisbon chanting in German for close to two hours. I couldn’t see exactly how the “light in the mouth” effect was achieved, but I can say that from the audience the effect was magnificent: there was no visible apparatus that could be seen and the light appeared less as something “topical” but more as if the very inside of Till was irradiating a strong inner light that escaped whenever he opened his mouth.

    Some other highlights in terms of presentation (and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few) were the suspended naked dolls that exploded in the end of “Wiener Blut”, the giant penis (navigated by Till) that “ejaculated” foam and confettis over the audience, during “Benzin” a stunt was put on fire on stage. This in addition to the already known – but always impressive – fire-from-mouth during “Feuer Frei!”, etc, etc. Flak was able to successfully crowd-surf on top of a rubber boat during “Seemann”.

    This amidst the myriad of other fireworks and explosions (including volleys over the audience) that were combined by a permanently changing background. And lets not forget the very beginning, when they literally broke into the stage by hammering down (and blow-torching) the wall that separated the stage from the public.

    Brilliant. The audience itself not only knew by heart all the “classics” but also all the songs from the new album (special note for “Waidmanns Heil”, a personal favourite).

  7. Manuel, thank you for the link. How is it with the pictures. Do you own the copyright and you gave the licence only to or also other websites can use your photos. This is something I am not sure about…


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