Emigrate working on a new album (Silent So Long II)


There is an official update on Emigrate Facebook page. Richard is sharing some insights from the recording of the upcoming album – called SSL II (Silent So Long II). We are not sure what will be the real name once released so let’s stick to what Richard suggested.

Here’s a quick update. We just finished recording drums for SSL II. Mikko flew in from Australia where he was on tour with Apocalyptica. This guy is an ANIMAL on drums and there is no higher compliment than that. He was able to bang out 8 tracks in 2 days like a champ. Much respect!
The atmosphere in the studio is very relaxed and free from frustration… I’m quite enjoying myself as I haven’t had one panic attack yet. Now that the drums are there I have set up my amps and recording chain to lay down the guitars. I don’t have the luxury this time to spend two months on it which is probably good since last time I ended up chasing the dragon (a.k.a. sound that doesn’t exist).
Ok, let’s all get back to work and I wish everybody some sunny days. We deserve it!
Richard ZK

There are also new promo pictures shared together with the quotation above:

Source: fb.com/Emigrate


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