Lindemann: Album Name and Tracklist Revealed

SKILLS IN PILLS coming to you soon
SKILLS IN PILLS coming to you soon

According to the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine, Lindemann’s first album is titled “Skills in Pills”. The issue also reveals that the tracklist is the following:

1. Skills In Pills
2. Ladyboy
3. Fat
4. Fish on
5. Children Of The Sun
6. Home Sweet Home
7. Cowboy
8. Golden Shower
9. Yukon
10. Praise Abort
11. That’s my Heart

There is also a track-by-track review included in this issue. A translation of the review is already available thanks to Rammstein USA, and is available here.

UPDATE #4: The complete tracklist has been announced, and includes one additional song titled “That’s my Heart”.

UPDATE #3: The oficial facebook page as revealed the cover for Skills in Pills:

Skills in Pills Cover
Skills in Pills Cover

UPDATE #2: According to, Skills in Pills is set to be released on June in 4 editions: Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Vynil.

UDPATE #1: Facebook page of Lindemann revealed a new promo picture:

SKILLS IN PILLS coming to you soon
SKILLS IN PILLS coming to you soon


  1. ugh all lyrics are in english I guess (imo “Stripped” and other english performances by Till were dissapointing)

    and judging by the names of these tracks, the lyrical content of these songs will be shallow, “silly”, over the top. trying to shock


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