Emigrate: Back to Studio in March

Photo: Terry Matlin

Richard Kruspe announced via Emigrate’s official Facebook page he has written six more songs, and will go back to studio in March to record the next Emigrate album. Kruspe expects to mix the songs in late April and release his third Emigrate album in September.

Photo: Terry Matlin
Photo: Terry Matlin

You can read the original text below and check out the original post here. More information should be revealed soon.

“Berlin in January:
It was grey and it was depressing. My studio should’ve been my escape but in an environment like this I only wound up writing more depressing songs. It would’ve been a no-win situation if we hadn’t come up with some good stuff for the next record, but we did. More than we needed, actually. The goal was to get two more songs and suddenly we had six in the basket. I’ll be taking these songs along with others we’ve done back into the studio in March to record with the same crew. With any luck we’ll be mixing by late April, giving us a new Emigrate record in September. The grey should be gone by then, but for now I wish everyone more light than I’ve been getting here. Unless you’re writing depressing songs too.

Bis gleich, Richard Z.K.”


  1. Heartbreaking to see him depressive but at least he has his immense creativity to transmute his sadness into. I’m curious to listen to the results!


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