LINDEMANN coming soon – first audio teaser

As you know, the Lindemann album should be released some time in May this year and the below video is the very first teaser from the coming album.

Do you like the sound? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Lindemann can already be pre-ordered at swiss store, with a release date set to May 15th!


  1. Does anyone know what language sings Till in this project?
    I can’t wait for this album. Hope Till sings German. If the album would be in English, I’ll be very upset.

    • Rumors are going around that Herr Lindemann will be sing primarily in English (which makes a bit of sense, if it’s the only language he and Tägtgren can communicate in). If this is the case… well, I doubt he’d do the whole thing in English unless he was confident enough that he could pull it off. In that spirit, and because English is my first language, I’m content.

  2. This teaser is destroying me, i so want this CD 😀 But it’s Till, and the waiting is worth every second 😀 Go Till Lindemann


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