COREY TAYLOR’s new problems


COREY TAYLOR recently announced that he is canceling solo shows in North America to take a break and focus on his mental and physical health, as well as spending time with his family. Less than three weeks later, he announced that he would be doing a short tour of four shows in Asia in late March/early April.

Shortly after Corey announced the Asian tour, some fans of the 50-year-old musician expressed their bewilderment online as to why his concerts in North America were canceled but he was able to head to Asia.

To mark the occasion, he recorded a video, posting it on his page:

“Hey everyone, this is Corey Taylor. Where do you want me to start?

I decided to make this video in response to a lot of feedback that came in after I announced that I would be continuing my Southeast Asia tour. It was originally supposed to be mentioned in a statement I released due to my deteriorating mental health.

Truth be told, I understand why many of you are upset, and I’ll just tell you all about it. Over the past year I have had a complete and utter breakdown of boundaries, mental health, ego, right to exist, in short the whole package, culminating in a very, very realistic, very imminent relapse that I didn’t even realize myself.

So, I wanted to address this again and just tell people that I need time to reboot, I need time to start working on my thoughts and my soul and get myself in order. The reason I’m leaving the Southeast Asia tour is literally four shows, it’s literally a week. I’ll see how I handle it and just take it day by day, basically. Right now, I’m working on taking care of myself, getting the help I need, and surrounding myself with family.

So to everyone who is worried about me, thank you so much. I appreciate it. To everyone who’s upset, I hope this answers all your questions. Right now, I’m just doing the best I can. It’s a long road and I don’t know what will happen at the end, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m grateful for that and I hope you’ll have some patience with me. Thank you!”


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