Corey Taylor: “I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”


COREY TAYLOR, as part of a recent conversation, answered the question of whether he is happy with his life now:

“I’m probably happier now than I’ve ever been. And absolutely, whether it’s my wife, my kids, my career, everything seems to be at its peak right now. And that’s a good thing, because for a long time work was great, but my personal life was a mess. Now I probably feel like I’m at my best – ironically, because I’m starting to rise up. And I’m starting to realize that life doesn’t end after a certain age, it just gets a little sweeter. You appreciate what you have more. And honestly, it’s a great metaphor for where we are with SLIPKNOT, because we’ve all gotten to a point where we’re still in business, after all these years of professional activity we’re still in business. And it’s great to be able to look back and say, “Man, we did something really special.” So am I happy? Today? Yeah. Tomorrow it could be different. But I’m incredibly happy today.”


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