Berlin honors Rammstein for Monument conservation

Their concerts have industrial charm, now Rammstein is even honored for the preservation of an industrial hall. They belong amongst the three winners of the Berliner Denkmalpreises (Monument Award).

Rammstein belongs to this year’s winners of the Monument Award, the Ferdinand-von-Quast medal. As the Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer (Linke/Left Party) announced Friday, with this award is the commitment to be honored, which the musicians showed for the preservation of the industrial hall on the area of the old VEB Bergmann-Borsig in the Pankower district of Wilhelmsruh. The award will be presented to Rammstein in the Hall of Crests in the Red City Hall, however the band will not be present themselves, but instead their manager Stefan Mehnert, as advised by the senate management.

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