A new exciting contest for R-E members

Hello everybody,

Now it’s the right time to work a little to our identity, so we decided to design ourselves some promo materials, as some valuable members suggested. I’m talking about some personalized Rammstein-Europe T-Shirts, that every interested forum user or person can wear. Since our latest Wallpaper contest revealed some real design talent….let’s go further! Marketing is important! Also it can bring necessary funds for the existence of this website.

We still are working and researching the market on finding high quality blank T-shirts, printing solutions…but this is our work.

Your work is to create attractive designs!

It is a design contest starting on 1st MAY, based mainly on R+’s songs (all) and it goes anything related to them using any suggested scenes, messages, or themes coming from RAMMSTEIN’s lyrics, but not using screen shots from live gigs or official video clips.

It is desired a combination of written text and photography (in this order), but not to forget our identity: affenknecht.com! There are allowed Corel, Photoshop, Picassa or whatever software used to get a JPEG file with @ least 1024×768 pixels and 2MB max file size.

There will be 3 periods (of one week each) of this contest:
registration week
creation week
voting week.

Participants – any forum user can participate in the contest, and the registration comes just by sending a “I subscribe” or something like this in this topic form day 1 to day seven. The “creation period” will follow (another seven days), time strap in which creations ought to be submitted (from day 8 till day 14), and after it will follow the “voting” period.

> voting rules – moderators and VIP’s have 50% of votes, users have on vote in a poll especially created.

> prizes? – 7000 points- 1st place and 2000 points 2nd place!

good luck, good inspiration, wishes ya’ mr_flooo!


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