Rammstein in Basel, Switzerland 18 November 2009


St Jakobshalle Basel

The group is moving from France directly to Switzerland. They will have two concerts there, the first today in Basel (St. Jakobshalle), the second tomorrow in Geneva (Arena de Genève).

The supporting group will be Combichrist (we have quite positive feedback so far).

  • Csaba

    Oh my f… they didn’t play Seemann?! :((( I hope they will play Seemann in Budapest! More older song!!!

  • Jimmen

    Looks like Seemann is gone:(, Amerika insted…

  • Merlin

    Setlist Basel:
    1. Rammlied, 2. B********, 3. Waidmanns Heil, 4. Keine Lust, 5. Weisses Fleisch, 6. Feuer Frei!, 7. Wiener blut, 8. Frühling In Paris, 9. Ich Tu Dir Weh, 10. Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, 11. Benzin, 12. Links 2 3 4, 13. Du Hast, 14. Pussy, 15. Sonne, 16. Haifisch, 17. Ich Will, 18. Engel, 19. Amerika

  • Csaba

    Did they only add America, didn’t they delete at least one song from their setlist? So has the setlist 20 songs?

  • They changed the setlist a lot of time in Ahoi tour and they changed it in Basel. They will make more changes i think.

  • Philmeister

    I hope they will play Engel in Antwerp and not Amerika.

  • siringo

    …setlist is almost the same like before
    the last song in Basel (CH) was AMERIKA
    …the show was absolut GENIAL!

  • Yoosto

    The setlist is here and they won’t change it on this tour. What you see here is what they are going to play.

  • Csaba

    What was the setlist? They played Amerika. Rosenrot?