Rammstein American Idol Therapy


Watch this video. It is from Czech version of America Idol, where a guy is performing Sonne and Mein Hertz Brennt. Very funny.

  • Noah James

    Watching American Idol gave me the perspective that ther are really lots of talented people out there.;:’

  • Argentina Round

    Who thinks Chrystal Bowersox is going to be the 2010 American Idol? I think so as her last song was brilliant and one of the best performances I have yet heard on the show.

  • Loretta Daniels


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  • vesper

    Come on…. He's a complete idiot, but by using Rammstin songs, he gives the band some credit for their great songs!

  • vinniedepooh

    Maybe we should collect money for him and send him to germany by airmail where he can show “his moves” to rammstein ;p

  • Derek

    That was fucking horrible! He should be banned of buying anything Rammstein or listening to anything Rammstein from now on.

  • bh99

    if your gona attempt anything like that, at least learnt he god damn lines. sounded like he was just makin up as he went along!

  • Gott, I get so frickin uncomfortable when I watch people like him. What a weirdo! 😀

  • Sadonia

    That was honestly the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. Or close to. You have to wonder whats wrong with people like this sometimes, they must have some sad mentality. Make fun of someone making tons of money because they are amazing… yeah… whatever, freaking wierd blond guy.

  • iivuska

    He doesn`t make a fool of Rammstein. He thought that he can sing:DDD!!!! He was very disappointed when the jury told him that he can`t sing!!! I saw it.

  • Dido

    This is big shot with Rammstein!

  • _Rammst+ein_GRETA

    how could he make fun of Till and Rammstein?!!oh godd….it`s realy not funny!

  • Greta

    this is stupidest stupid i have ewer saw!!!how could he to meke funn of Till??!!!and all Rammstein??!!!!asshole!!!!stupid blond hair gay…….hrrrrrrr…….!!!Sheisse

  • _Ramms+ein_Greta

    this dumhead is not FUNNY!!! i hate that blond dummy…………hrrrr…

  • PB

    Pijany, naćpany czy po prostu głupi?

  • dragon

    is from czech republic, and he is NOOOOOB
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, aus