Rammstein Mann gegen Mann lyric with English translation

Das Schicksal hat mich angelacht
und mir ein Geschenk gemacht
Warf mich auf einen warmen Stern
Der Haut so nah dem Auge fern
Ich nehm mein Schicksal in die Hand
Mein Verlangen ist bemannt

Wo das süße Wasser stirbt
weil es sich im Salz verdirbt
trag ich den kleinen Prinz im Sinn
Ein König ohne Königin
Wenn sich an mir ein Weib verirrt
dann ist die helle Welt verwirrt

Mann gegen Mann
Meine Haut gehört den Herren
Mann gegen Mann
Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern
Mann gegen Mann
Ich bin der Diener zweier Herren
Mann gegen Mann
Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern

Ich bin die Ecke aller Räume
Ich bin der Schatten aller Bäume
In meiner Kette fehlt kein Glied
wenn die Lust von hinten zieht
Mein Geschlecht schimpft mich Verräter
Ich bin der Alptraum aller Väter

Mann gegen Mann
Meine Haut gehört den Herren
Mann gegen Mann
Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern

Mann gegen Mann
Doch friert mein Herz an manchen Tagen
Mann gegen Mann
Kalte Zungen die da schlagen


Mich interessiert kein Gleichgewicht
Mir scheint die Sonne ins Gesicht
Doch friert mein Herz an manchen Tagen
Kalte Zungen die da schlagen

Mann gaygen Mann
Destiny smiled on me
and gave me a present
Threw me on a warm star
So close to the skin, so far from the eye
I take my destiny in my own hands
My desire is manned

Where the fresh water dies
because it taints itself in salt
I keep the Little Prince in mind
A king without a queen
When a woman is mistaken about me
then the bright world is confused

Man against man
My skin belongs to the gentlemen
Man against man
Birds of a feather flock together
Man against man
I am the servant of two masters
Man against man
Birds of a feather flock together

I am the corner of all rooms
I am the shadow of all trees
No link is missing in my chain
when lust pulls from behind
My sex calls me a traitor
I am the nightmare of all fathers

Man against man
My skin belongs to the gentlemen
Man against man
Birds of a feather flock together

Man against man
But my heart freezes on some days
Man against man
Cold tongues that beat there


I'm not interested in balance
The sun shines in my face
But my heart freezes on some days
Cold tongues that beat there

Man gay for man 

“Mann gegen Mann” (Man against man) is a song about the benefits of homosexuality, however all band members are heterosexual. The song is simply about the subject of homosexuality and seems to avoid taking sides. This song is the third single from Rosenrot. Till repeatedly screams “Schwuler” (sung as “Schwulah”, concatenating an “ah” suffix equivalent to a scream “Aaahh!” In English it would be something like saying,”Playa’.”) in the background, which is a derogatory German equivalent to the English word “faggot”.

  • kike hunter

    faggots are a heresy to to progress

    • Kappa Pride

      No, insecure little autistic fuccbois who try to feel better about their failure as person by insulting groups of people better than themselves are.

  • Yeah

    “Schwuler” is NOT a derogatory term at all omfg. im german and this pisses me off? it’s simply the german word for a gay person, coming from the adjective “schwul” which means gay. “Schwuchtel” word be the derogatory term which could be translated as faggot but it’s not used in this song. please fucking fix this

    also what’s with this “””Schwulah””” nonsense i’m laughing so much

  • Adam Abney

    I agree with everyone on this board saying the this is Not and Anti-Gay song!
    I’ll also add how awesome that is to see, given this translation.
    I have it on authority that the word “Schwulah” does not mean what our culture translates it to. The presentation of footnotes put me on a path to ask my foreign exchange student (German by the way) (I host kids to have an American experience.)
    He told me out right ‘that word just means gay.’ As if to just say my friend is Schwulah. My friend is gay. No big deal to them.
    Our English has a hate built into it as readers and as translators.
    This song is about how straight society has no idea about the monster they are taunting.
    Thus the luciferian reference, you make us Devils, we are just human.
    Also notice if you watch the video, he gets extremely angry while shouting Schwulah and a serpent tongue slips from his mouth,
    It refers to the end of the last bridge or verse referring to cold tongues.
    Reminding us that we’re gay, really, still, in this age?

  • Paul Bruns

    Nice video…So good to see them delve into this area of reality that exists in most real men. So many people don’t realize how many men desire, experiment or practice homosexuality as an alternative sexual release as men are far more sexual than women and share the same understanding when it comes to what a man needs or wants sexually.. Benefits without the hassles…Go testosterone~!!!

    • El jefe

      You’re just wrong

  • Mark UT

    This song is about how being gay is okay, despite what others say.

    “Mich interessiert kein Gleichgewicht
    Mir scheint die Sonne ins Gesicht”

    “My interest is not in balance,
    for the sun shines on my face”

    comes to mean, to me at least, that giving others comfort is not his goal, since he feels “warm” or “comfortable” where he is, right now.

  • Thawra

    ‘Schwuler’ is NOT in itself a derogatory term.

    • Aleksandr

      Just as ‘Faggot’ wasnt a derogatory term, but had its meaning twisted.

  • But my heart freezes on some days
    Cold tongues that beat there


    i don’t understand the confusion, his heart freezes on some days when a person with a cold tongue pierces his heart by calling him a faggot.
    definately identifying with not insulting gay people

  • Xavier

    I sometimes wonder why I listen to them… but then I remember… they’re Rammstein, why the hell not?

  • Josh

    I wouldn’t say they’re trying not to take sides here… rather, I’d say they make out being gay as a gift that the world regards as a curse.

  • HellbillyHellraiser

    damn i love the way R+ writes :), Till is a genius!

  • Maria

    I do speak German and who’re you calling a fool ?

  • Alejandro

    And to all of you thinking this song it’s agaisnt gays you couldn’t be more wrong.
    He’s calling the other gay because it means they are scarred of fighting you fools! in german that means something like “you are a coward or you don’t have the guts to fight with me”

    If you spoke german you would understand.

  • Alejandro

    Correct the lyrics,schwulah doesn’t mean faggot! that is wrong schwulah means gay-ah like playa instead of player in english.
    Please correct them,they are wrong.

    The song is amazing,needless to say it’s Rammstein so everything is awesome.

  • SachaB

    Yes AnoNY and Maria, I 100% agree with both of you 🙂 that’s exacly how I interpreted that part. They are calling him a ‘fag’ again, and then he get’s like ‘Aaaaaaaah stop calling me a fag, I’m perfecly happy the way I am so leave me alone!’. It literaly drives him crazy when they call him a fag. It is a nasty word in my opinion. It’s kinda the feeling I get when people are telling me for the one billion’th time that I look younger then I am :p Then I’m like Aaaaaaaaah, I know I do, get over it!’ I just adoooore this song, so powerfull and bombastic (does that word exist in the english language?)and I yell along with it in the car 🙂 One time someone saw me driving along while I was ‘singing’ along, and they later asked me why I was so angry in my car 😀 cracked me up!! ^^ I was like no dude, just singing along with Rammstein :p

  • anoNY

    Maria said:
    “This is NOT an anti-gay song, more an anti-homophobic song.”

    That seems right. Notice how the yelling of “Faggot” comes right after he is saying that “Cold tongues” are beating on him. It seems that he is not yelling “Faggot,” but rather that some others (homophobes) are yelling it and it is freezing his heart.

    I loved this song before I knew what the words meant, and now I like it even more!

    • hermann

      Yea exactly, me too!!

  • Maria

    Doch friert mein Herz an manchen Tagen
    However, my heart freezes some days

    Kalte Zungen die da schlagen, Schwule !
    Cold tongues that lash out, faggot !

    So, even though the gay man is very happy and comfortable in his sexuality, the words that people with cold tongues lash out( as in not knowing how much it can hurt what they scream at him)hurt him like a whip.

    This is NOT an anti-gay song, more an anti-homophobic song.


    Its not “against” homosexuality, per se, but probably a deeper understanding of the inner torment that homosexuality brings upon gay people. Social as well as personal pressure creates a divided “secret” side that struggles with the self. Notice the “anguish/anger” (then again, it IS Till!) in his expressions…and don’t forget the demon…

  • NEON

    yeah i got it,but if u know,lots of rammstein songs are confusing,like this! and i say they just put across about something.in this song about gay or homophobia as u said.

    i think lots of rammstein songs are like this,PUT ACROSS ABOUT SOMETHING! :d

    tnx for UR answer rammsteinskyes,anyway…:d

  • love this song..rammstein fuggen kicks ass!!

  • SchulAHHHH

    How can you say they are against homosexuality because of one word, when the entire song is about being gay?

    e.g. “I love being gay I love it It’s pretty cool, faggot, I love it.”

    Maybe a bit extreme, but you get the point. Also, have you seen the video? Nobody against homosexuality would even dare to glance at it much less star in it. lol

    • Aleksandr

      HAHAHAHA oh i know right? this debate would be over if some people just watched the MV hahahaha

  • RammSykes

    how can i be more c;ear !!! This song is AGAINST people who hate gays…AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA. If you don’t understand that…I can’t help 🙂

  • NeoN

    i really dont know what are u saying RAmmskyes

  • Jesus

    Some of you are horrible fans xD
    This song is about the life of a gay man, and it’s against homophobia…

  • RammSykes

    Neon, if you know/knew Rammstein at all or even just a little bit, you would know you are wrong man…


  • NeoN

    yeah i think it is compeletly against homosexuality (gay & lesbian) because it says : schwulah! aaaaaaaah!

  • Ty

    I seen the music video. It’s pretty smexy XD remember kiddies, it’s only gay if you make eye contact with the other man! Only Rammstein has the balls to make a video like that

  • hal zun

    i think this song was written against to gays
    by the way schwul means fag
    you can get song’s mean from this word

  • Rammkrieg

    Yeah, this song has no ambiguities when it comes to the benefits of homosexuality. As said before, Rammstein doesn’t seem to take sides on the matter, they’re just commentating.

  • Neon

    where are the benefits?!?!?!?!

    ““Mann gegen Mann” (Man against man) is a song about the benefits of homosexuality”

  • Faggot? Schwulah means gay-Ah!
    “when lust pulls from behind” He he 🙂

  • Sykes

    Only R+ would have the balls to write a song like this, and even more so, shoot a video like this !!! I’m a HUGE RAMMSTEIN Fan and the video is a bit too much even for me. You have to know that R+ are all about shocking and pushing back the line.

  • Rammfan93

    Unforunately he is wearing, as Wikipedia puts it “what can best be described as latex panties”. Hahaha.


    omg i just cant stop listening that song!

  • Miriam

    Has anybody seen the video? xD
    I know it’s hard to find, ’cause I think youtube found it to be “too much”.
    Here’s a link if you want to see it – everyone except till is naked.

  • Seb

    well sed Dis

  • Rinestein-47

    mann gegen mann is a cool song

  • Rinestein-47

    haha lol

  • Kaitlyn

    LOL that is true! I can do the same! Ich liebe Rammstein! The funny thing is that I am a german-american and speak german but I never knew the word faggot in german! lol

  • Rinestein-47

    i have nothing to say but awsum now i can call people in my class that annoy me a faggot in german

  • Manon

    This song is amazing,

    it's great they wrote a song about this topic,

    even if they are heterosexual.

  • Asia

    Edward, it means faggot in the vulgar. It's slang. Fag means a cigarette in the UK where bummer is a man looking for gay sex. If one were to say I'm bummin in the US, obviously it means you're down, in the UK however it means trolling for gay sex. Schwulah is faggot for rude usage, Schwule is fag or gay [gay proper]. Danke.

  • Woytas

    Schwulah (Schwule-ah)= gay-ah = “the nightmare of all fathers”! 😉

  • dis

    this stuff needs to be written about. i love that they have the sand to speak about what many suppress…read rene girard's "violence and the sacred".

    • John James

      Awesome comment. Thank you.

  • jaja

    Why do they write this stuff?

    • Axtin

      Why would they not write this stuff?

    • jelchy22


    • arobix

      yeah, really. The music is something to behold, but these dudes are just twisted freaks, it seems.

  • Edward

    Schwulah does not mean faggot. It says gay-ah schwul=gay

    • Summer

      Dude…. read below the lyrics it gives an explanation…

      ” Till repeatedly screams “Schwuler” (sung as “Schwulah”, concatenating an “ah” suffix equivalent to a scream “Aaahh!” In English it would be something like saying,”Playa’.”) in the background, which is a derogatory German equivalent to the English word “faggot”.”

  • Ciara Shine

    rammstein lyrics are amazin! x