First and most important chapter of the new Rammstein record is complete


Hello folks, it is now a longer time without any news, it is Christmas time and nobody is interested in Rammstein (at least it seems to me like this because this site has now 30 % less visitors). But there is something new now. On Richard Kruspe’s homepage a news appeared:

The first and most important chapter of the new rammstein record is complete. 7 weeks of recording drums, guitars and most of the vocals left me with a taste of pride after my return to new york. I wish you all a happy christmas and a great new year. Take some time out and spend it wisely. Thanks everyone for the great support . Richard Z. K.

OK, the most important chapter is done and we are still waiting for the first single from the upcoming album!


There is also an official news on saying that the first part of the recordings was after 7 weeks of intensive work ended on 21DEC08. Drums, guitars, bass, and the vocal tracks are now recorded. Musicians and producers have now the holiday. Until the next section, we wish all parties and all Rammstein fans out there, a Merry Christmas and a long-lasting and exuberant slip into the new year.

OK, and Affenknecht wishes also Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to all fans out there. Stay tuned!


  • Zimin

    ? ?????? 2? ??? ????????? ?????????? ???? ???????????? ? ?????? ???? ???? ??????? ????????????

  • KASE94

    Yeah i love them they are so great i am a fan since 2006!! I cant wait anymore! 😀

  • yucel

    heeyyyy…it will be awe some…it will be rock…it will be great…it will be(what the hell is that) ok!waiting since rosenrot…thats enough…i can't wait longer…

  • Rammi

    This will be Rammstein's year!

  • Geoffrey

    This album has taken quite some time. Now, I have been a fan of RAMMSTEIN since i was eight years old so this wait does not worry me in the smallest sense,it's RAMMSTEIN guys. I can honestly say that there is not a single RAMMSTEIN album that I have a problem listening to due to a lack of quality among the songs. Always first rate and this will be no different.R+

  • SBASWilliam

    Happy new year Rammstein and rammstein fans!

    • JJJ

      Happy New Year all!

  • Rawwrr

    Argh I’m so impatient for the next album!!!! But I bet it will be all worth the wait 🙂

  • ryan

    its rammstein,
    of course its gonna be the best album in the world!!

  • JJJ

    Cool, I cant wait. Just know its going to be an awesome album. Merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year!

  • Maezie

    I just can't wait. I've been a fan since 1996, I love them but this album takes too damn long.

    I hope it's worth it!