Videoclip Mein Herz Brennt (Alternative Version)

Mein Herz Brennt (Alternative Version)
Mein Herz Brennt (Alternative Version)

An alternative version of Mein Herz Brennt’s videoclip as recently been released. This version is totally directed by Eugenio Recuenco, and can be viewed exclusively at his official website.

Mein Herz Brennt (Alternative Version)
Mein Herz Brennt (Alternative Version)

The official videoclip for Mein Herz Brennt – released in December of 2012 – was directed by Zoran Bihac. However, the first version of this videoclip was created by Eugenio Recuenco in 2011, which was rejected by the band. Due to this situation, Zoran Bihac was asked to reshoot the videoclip, while still using partial footage created by Recuenco.


  1. This version doesn’t have a “beat” to it like the other movie does. A Rammstein movie needs a beat to enhance the songs, this movie just runs like one of those fan video clips online. com where people put songs on top of a movie movie trailer.

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  2. This version doesn’t have a “beat” to it like the other video does. A Rammstein video needs a rhythm to compliment the music, this video just runs like one of those fan videos on youtube where people put music on top of a movie trailer.

  3. I think this version suffers from bad editing, it’s just too plain for the epic and energic music. The visuals are very good and fitting the band, but requires more work in the editing room.
    Anyway, I’m glad they decided to call another director in, he did really well in fusing his vision and Recuenco’s into one.
    Of course, this is my opinion.

  4. I prefer this over the original. It’s definitely creepier, and while Ive heard a few people say this version is confusing, so is their official one. I feel that the “saved” version is even more of a monstrosity, minus them playing the cellos, that was freaking awesome.

  5. In my opinion this clip looks like a trailer from horror movie.Also it has a good olf fashion atmosphere but many scenes doesnt fits with the rythm of song.So, i prefer Zorac version because it has more fire and is more artistic than Euginio Recuenco.If you dont agree it just a statement

  6. This version is actually far more better than Zoran’s clip, it reflects a true image of Rammstein.
    I’m totally confused with their decission to reject it and hire another director to “save” the clip.
    Euginio’s version should and must be the original version.

    RAMMS+EIN: You messed this up, admit it.

  7. In the “Making of”, Flake, Oliver, Richard and Paul explained that the original video by Eugenio was not immersing enough and that it didn’t match the music, so they hired Zoran to “save” the video.


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