TWISTED SISTER guitarist Eddie Ojeda on tour with METALLICA

During an appearance on the latest episode of the Talk Louder podcast, TWISTED SISTER guitarist Eddie Ojeda talked about his band’s 1984 European tour with METALLICA as a warm-up band:

“It was wild because that’s when I was first introduced to thrash metal. And in the beginning, until the later albums, they were real thrash, super fast. We were asking, “What’s going on with you guys?” And who understood that? They ended up being cooler than everybody else. Some people said they sold out when they got a little more commercial, but I don’t think they did. They became more mature.

It’s kind of sad that people love a band when they’re just starting out and going through this tough time. And then when they succeed, the fans get mad at them: “You’re not that band anymore.” I felt bad that they were being talked about that way.”

Asked if he had watched METALLICA’s popularity rise at a time when the two bands were playing on the same stage nearly four decades ago, Edie replied:

“No, I didn’t realize it until we came back to America. Because it was in Europe. We only did a few gigs with them. But I didn’t realize that at that time it was a direction of music that had to come up. MOTÖRHEAD, you could say, started it, and then METALLICA took it to a more prog level.”


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