Till Lindemann was hospitalized


RAMMSTEIN has published the following statement:
“Yesterday evening Till Lindemann was admitted to a hospital on the band’s doctor’s advice. He spent the night in intensive care but has been moved as he is feeling better. Till has tested negative for the coronavirus (Covid-19).”

Till Lindemann Foto: © Paul Zimmer Photography

This official statement was made responding to Bild, who published this morning he was hospitalized in Berlin with coronavirus. After Lindemann’s concert in Moscow on 15 March, upon his return to Berlin, he was hospitalized with an extremely high fever. After being diagnosed with pneumonia by doctors, he tested positive for coronavirus. So he was immediately sent to intensive care and placed under quarantine. Till is feeling better and his life is no longer in danger.

We wish him a fast recovery!!!


  1. We love you guys SO SO SO much…. if we have to wait longer to see you in NA, so be it…. just so we see the men we love so much in a healthy, happy, and safe manner! Love you Till, Flake, Christoph, Reech, Ollie, und Paulchen!

  2. Mucha fuerza y espero que se recupere muy pronto, es un tipo fuerte así que estará bien.


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