Rammstein’s Ich Tu Dir Weh teaser


The single will be released very soon (18dec09) and server Gauntlet.com already provided a very (better to say extremely) short teaser. The video reminds me of the live show scene…but anyway, ply it yourself.

Source: thegauntlet.com

As of today, not even the instrumental version of “Ich tue dir weh” will be played in Germany any longer because otherwise, persons younger than 18 years would not be allowed to visit the concerts. We believe it shall have no effect on other countries.

Source: facebook


  1. I agree, with you.. I thought Pussy was going to be banned from their concerts if any… but Ich Tu’ Dir Weh? Come on…

  2. Awesome just awesome….. im glad i dont live in germany so i get to hear it live 🙂 you know id think Pussy would cause more commotion then Ich tu dir weh… but meh

  3. I can’t wait for friday <3 Their concert was just awsome and they did played Ich Tu Dir Weh, so yeah it does not count for other countries. Only for Germany. Which is just strange because I do not see the different between Ich Tu Dir Weh, Bück Dich and Pussy. And only the first one is limited. Strange o.O


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