Rammstein to release GREATEST HITS in 2011


Mexican newspaper “Reform” stated part of an interview with Paul Landers, where he also says that Rammstein will issue Greatest Hits CD in 2011. There should be an unreleased song or more on this CD and shall include also a bonus DVD with bonus content.

Further details to follow upon receipt.


  1. I am going to MSG and I’ve heard rumors about them filming there, that would be so amazingly awesome!!! Can’t wait for this to come out!

  2. ill never wash my left hand again (after richard slapped it after the gig i went too)….ahhh what a legend!

  3. Maybe they will release a DVD from their performance at Madison Square Garden. Hey, Its a dream come true for Richard, and its the world’s most famous arena.

  4. Vincent: no, that’s bullsh… bootleg or so. This G.H. will be released only the next year, and the new song will be Eisenmann I think. And Der Meister has right, a new DVD would be sooo nice… but if they plan a live DVD, I think we would have heard about it from the fans. 🙁 New LAB (Live aus Ber… Budapest :P)

  5. Noooo, no greatest hits album, that’s so lame cause everybody is doin that… I’d prefer the unreleased songs would be on a brand new album, and as i already have those old songs, i don’t need them on two albums. So please, don’t release greatest hits album, hopefully we’ll hear rammstein in future for a couple more albums, that would be better 🙂

  6. definitley would hope for a dvd of the current, amazing, staggering tour. there really should be a dvd of every tour they do.

  7. Unreleased songs?! That would be sooo nice (not better than an other concert)! Next week they’ll perform again, I can’t wait! 😛

  8. Hm would rather have a full DVD release (maybe BluRay) with there best performances from the past Tour.(with some commentary and documentary’s) Don’t really need a greatest hits. All there hits are the greatest.

  9. Thankyou for the Info on the greatest hits cd..am looking forward to it and also DVD xxThankyou also Paul for keeping us informed on what’s happening it’s most apprecated x


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