Rammstein to release GREATEST HITS in 2011


Mexican newspaper “Reform” stated part of an interview with Paul Landers, where he also says that Rammstein will issue Greatest Hits CD in 2011. There should be an unreleased song or more on this CD and shall include also a bonus DVD with bonus content.

Further details to follow upon receipt.


  1. Yes, a G/H album would be pointless.
    Like Dziugas said, fully mastering the demo songs would be top of our lifes! 😀

  2. I think they should just put the demo songs (the ones tht didnt make it as real songs)and unreleased together aswell as mastering them fully and just put a nice ending to it instead of making a G/H album cos its basically pointless because all of the songs are greatest hits 🙂

  3. They shouldn’t release a greatest hits. When bands do that it usually means there stopping soon. I really hope they don’t! I would love a new album. This upcoming DVD should be like Volkerball. DVD and CD of the live show.
    Anyway Till said he’s going to retire when he’s 50. Which is two years away.

  4. I would be proud to add the “Greatest Hits” album to my collection but I hope this is not the end of their recording days. All too often when you see “Great Bands” release this type of CD it means that they are curtailing thier future possilbe recordings and NOOOOOOOOO I do not want this to happen.
    Give me a new Rammstein album any day….they have so much more to give that we haven’t even began to imagine what that may even be…Please do another album of all new stuff soon because I have nearly worn out all my other albums…lol!!!
    Till you have it in you…..just go away and have quite time and let it out, your poetry will never die and I do not want it to remain hidden. The words are there for you and for all of us to enjoy….just go and do it!!! PLEASE!!!!
    Love You Guys Forever!!

  5. Cool, but I hope it has a lot of unreleased stuff, demos, ect..
    How about:
    Jeder Lacht,
    and any other song ever not released !!!

  6. Very true, Rammstein does not need a best-hits cd.. its not like them. How can you choose the best-hits? Leave that type of stuff to all the disposable-crap artists’on mainstream radio..


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