Bercy 2012: Audio is Being Mixed

As is already known, Rammstein filmed their double concert from past March at Bercy (Paris, France). Yesterday emerged more information regarding this recording. The producer Stefan Glaumann – responsible for mixing the band’s last five albums – wrote the following message on his official facebook page:

“Mixing Rammstein again but now – Live concert from Paris, 5.1 and Stereo. It´s rock´n!”

Stefan Glaumann
Stefan Glaumann

Note that Stefan Glaumann already mentioned the mixing of Madison Square Garden’s audio. It is still not known which concert (Bercy or MSG) is going to be used in the band’s next live DVD.


  1. I really hope that they make a Double-DVD-Set, DVD 1 Bercy and DVD 2 MSG. Both concerts in full length.
    And of Course at Least one of these Concerts as Live-CD.

  2. I hope they also release an audio CD.
    I enjoy listening to the live versions of a bunch of these tracks.

  3. Well, I really want to see/hear their new songs, so I prefer to have a full LIFAD material.

    Releasing a full material of both tour would be really impressive.

  4. They’re going to do something similar to Volkerball, most likely, where Bercy will be the full concert and then they’ll be additional footage from other concerts including Montreal and MIG. That’s what I think they’ll do anyway.

  5. hmm, I heard in an interview that Richard experienced his best concert in Bercy, maybe it’s that show. But I agree with you all, they should release both of them, complete in one or two discs like in Volkerball.

  6. @someone: when i read the comment about both dvds i planned to say “maybe both” us rammstein fans know what we want and we want now


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