Rammstein love their COOKIES a bit too much


Parody created/written/performed by Daveyboyz (David Bass)

Source: Youtube, via lilt.rammstein.me


  1. @Danny

    I love ridiculous, or absurd, humor. I think that’s a lot of the appeal for the weird things that Rammstein does to shock the audience. I guess what I meant to say was it just didn’t seem like it had a lot of work or thought put into it, just a couple of kids playing around with props. I think if the guy really was a fan he would make a respectable parody or no parody at all, but it just felt lazy to me.

  2. @Taryn

    Humour is subjective and I accept that some people are not amused by the absurd. But you not finding it funny doesn’t automatically make it an insult. It would be an insult if they were suggesting that Rammstein were shit. But that is clearly not to case. This guy is quite obviously a fan (as is alluded to in some of his other videos) and he likes to dabble in the ridiculous spectrum of comedy. The fact that Pussy was already silly is sort of irrelevant. I’m assuming that the song was chosen because it’s well known. But I guess we’ll agree to differ

  3. The only thing i would say is that if the band are insulted by this then they have a right but if they are cool about it and find it amusing then we should all accept that. Would be really interesing to know what our boys think about it.

  4. @Danny

    The insult is that it isn’t funny, its just a couple of guys pretending to be Rammstein who think its funny to sing about cookies in a song that’s already silly (on the surface).

  5. You know, I quite liked this until I found out the guy was British. And now,well now i’m just embarrassed being a fellow Brit myself. Reason being, we have way better talent in our country when it comes to acts like this that mock celebs. He’s let the side down badly. As others have said, it could have been way better.

  6. NO-1-RAMM-FAN
    I agree how could anyone dilike these guys, i think its called jealousy eh.
    Anyway see you at the 02 on feb 24th Cant wait!!!

  7. The guy that made this; Dave, is actually a Rammstein fan. I really can’t understand why you people think this is some sort of insult? Lets keep in mind here that we all like a band who wear Leiderhosen, ride around on giant dicks & simulate sodomy.I would think you would have to have a sense of humour to be a R+ fan but you people are starting to make me think otherwise. Like I said before, lighten up

  8. how can ANYONE disslike rammstein??? – seriously….how could you ? – its totally impossible to disslike those 6 superb powerful german men 😀

  9. Can someone please tell me what this is all about as i am at work and cannot view this “parody” need to know what the fuss is about.


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