Rammstein love their COOKIES a bit too much


Parody created/written/performed by Daveyboyz (David Bass)

Source: Youtube, via lilt.rammstein.me


  1. What… The… Fuck… This is the most queer thing I have ever seen. Goddamn, the lyrics make no sense and it’s disgusting. Plus to top it off that guys hair look retarded… Must be some of that Scheissekino european humor that the rest of the world doesn’t get…

  2. I thought imitation was the highest form of flattery!!! As for the cover of Sonne, have not heard that one so cant comment but i do know that Depache Mode are very flattered to have there Stripped covered by the greatest band in the world.

  3. Damn, I give up. All you people are down right stubborn. 😀

    @XYZ I’ll be honest, I’m a massive blubbering R+ fanboy & even I wasn’t aware that there was a “thou shalt not parody Rammstein” law . As for covers I’d like to direct your attention to Caliban’s cover of Sonne. I personally think it kicks ass and I like hearing different takes on songs I love. But different strokes for different folks, I guess

  4. i do think its a good parody cause i belive he is a rammstein fan cause their is no way hell he would of done it if he isnt

  5. It’s nice to watch the occasional music parody for a giggle. But this was actually pants. They could of made it really good if they’d actually put some effort into it.

    I didn’t watch it all, I slipped into a coma.

  6. @Danny

    If he is a Rammstein fan, he ought to know, that he shouldn’t make Rammstein parody, because people just can’t make R+ parody, that’s funny. Imho it’s the same with covering Rammstein. You shouldn’t do that either, it will become crap anyway compared to Rammstein.


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