Putting a concert by the band Rammstein on film is a profoundly difficult task. To capture the huge sound, the gamut of visual impressions, the minute details and grand gestures so that cinema viewers can acquire sense of experiencing Rammstein live: To do this, one needs to convey a sense of intimate proximity to what is transpiring on stage. Second, one needs to capture what the experience looks like from the perspective of an audience member in such a huge crowd. And third, one needs to communicate the excitement of being there – not to mention that the music needs to sound insanely good.

RAMMSTEIN: PARIS sets a new standard for concert films. During the “Made in Germany” tour, the celebrated Swedish director, Jonas Åkerlund, filmed two acclaimed Rammstein concerts in March 2012 – each for an audience of 17,000 at the Bercy Arena in Paris. The resulting film (with 16 songs from the entire repertoire) is not just the most spectacular cinematic document to date about the band, currently the biggest rock act in Germany. It is a masterpiece of music cinema that captures the energy of Rammstein in a unique visual and sonic experience.


  • For the film the concerts on 06.03.2012 and 07.03.2012 were filmed entirely. The scenes were cut with scenes recorded during rehearsals for the tour. Every show was filmed with 30 cameras in front of 17,000 people each night in Paris.
  • At first the film was supposed to be shown on November 24, 26 and 30 of 2016. But after that info leaked and some cinemas hung up adverts too early, the release was postponed to March 23, 24 and 29 of 2017.
  • Before its theatrical release the film was shown three times: Cannes Film Festival (May 11, 2016), Cinemaxx cinema Cologne (August 11, 2016) and at the Avant Première Film Festival Berlin (February 14, 2017).
  • On its first day of release the movie made more money in the cinemas than “Beauty and the beast” on its first day.


The first open screening of the film was on May 11 at the Cannes Film Festival. Another open screening was on August 11 in a Cinedome cinema in Cologne, Germany. A few days later an official advert was photographed inside the cinema, which says, that the movie will be in cinemas on November 24, 26 and 30.

On January 19, 2017 a website (www.rammstein-paris.com) went online, through which fans were able to buy tickets for the cinema presentation of the movie.

Also a newsletter was sent out in which the director Jonas Åkerlund is quoted saying this:
“We shot two nights in Paris, and we had 30 cameras, so that gives you 60 angles, plus we shot a dress rehearsal for close-ups. That gives you a massive amount of footage. This is a whole Rammstein-show, and I take the footage and cut it with the same precision that I would a 3-4 minute music video. Even with a big crew of editors, it took us over a year to nail down the edit. Looking at it now – that is the strength of this project. It really brings the show alive and shows what Rammstein is all about. I am very happy with RAMMSTEIN: PARIS. What this film shows wasn’t just relevant four years ago – it will always be relevant. Rammstein is a timeless work of art. And even if it might sound a bit pretentious, I’d like to say that I don’t think that this level of precision will ever again be attained in a concert film. The film is unique.”

The movie had its official world premiere on March 16, 2017 at the Volksbühne in Berlin. All members of the band were present, as well as Jonas Åkerlund.

The video for “Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?” was premiered via Facebook live-stream at 00:01 on March 24, 2017.


According to listings on Amazon the movie will be available in following formats:

  • Audio CD: 2 CDs
  • Standard edition: 1 DVD or 1 Blu-ray (6 Panel Digi-Pak)
  • Special edition: 1 DVD or 1 Blu-ray, 2 CDs (8 Panel Digi-Pak)
  • Limited “metal” fan edition: 1 Blu-ray, 2 CDs (laser-cut metal plate cover artwork, 8 Panel Digi-Pak)
  • Deluxe box edition: 4 LPs (blue), 1 Blu-ray, 2 CDs (Black cardboard box)



# Title
01 Intro
02 Sonne
03 Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
04 Keine Lust
05 Asche zu Asche
06 Feuer frei!
07 Mutter
08 Mein Teil
09 Du riechst so gut
10 Du hast
11 Bück dich
12 Mann gegen Mann
13 Ohne dich
14 Mein Herz brennt
15 Engel
16 Pussy
17 Frühling in Paris

DVD/Blu-ray (all versions)

# Title
01 Intro
02 Sonne
03 Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
04 Keine Lust
05 Sehnsucht
06 Asche zu Asche
07 Feuer frei!
08 Mutter
09 Mein Teil
10 Du riechst so gut
11 Links 2-3-4
12 Du hast
13 Haifisch
14 Bück dich
15 Mann gegen Mann
16 Ohne dich
17 Mein Herz brennt
18 Amerika
19 Ich will
20 Engel
21 Pussy
22 Frühling in Paris
01 Making of

CDs (special, fan and deluxe edition)

# Title Length
  CD 1  
01 Intro 04:14
02 Sonne 04:45
03 Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? 05:06
04 Keine Lust 04:08
05 Sehnsucht 04:26
06 Asche zu Asche 04:05
07 Feuer frei! 03:34
08 Mutter 05:20
09 Mein Teil 07:46
10 Du riechst so gut 05:28
11 Links 2-3-4 05:02
12 Du hast 04:17
13 Haifisch 05:23
  CD 2  
01 Bück dich 07:55
02 Mann gegen Mann 04:15
03 Ohne dich 07:29
04 Mein Herz brennt 05:08
05 Amerika 04:52
06 Ich will 04:07
07 Engel 05:13
08 Pussy 08:21
09 Frühling in Paris 06:16

Vinyls (deluxe edition)

# Title Length
  LP 1  
A1 Intro 04:14
A2 Sonne 04:45
A3 Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? 05:06
A4 Keine Lust 04:08
B1 Sehnsucht 04:26
B2 Asche zu Asche 04:05
B3 Feuer frei! 03:34
B4 Mutter 05:20
  LP 2  
C1 Mein Teil 07:46
C2 Du riechst so gut 05:28
C3 Links 2-3-4 05:02
D1 Du hast 04:17
D2 Haifisch 05:23
  LP 3  
E1 Bück dich 07:55
E2 Mann gegen Mann 04:15
E3 Ohne dich 07:29
F1 Mein Herz brennt 05:08
F2 Amerika 04:52
F3 Ich will 04:07
  LP 4  
G1 Engel 05:13
G2 Pussy 08:21
G3 Frühling in Paris 06:16
H1 Crowd Symphony 00:00