Paul Landers Reveals Possible Documentary

Paul Landers
Paul Landers

Paul Landers recently granted an interview to the French site Ouest France. The guitarist revealed some information regarding the future of Rammstein.

Paul Landers
Paul Landers

According to Landers, the band might “start thinking” on a new album next year, but it is still early to talk about this possibility. He also mentioned the upcoming live DVD and revealed the possibility of releasing a documentary:

First we’ll take a break. We will take our time. For now, it is very vague. We’ll start thinking about it next year. We are on a couple of projects: a live DVD and a documentary film in cinemas.

You can read the original interview here (in French). Many thanks to RammsteinWorld for sharing this information and for providing the translation of the excerpt above.


  1. New album and documentary would be cool, but I hope first to see a DVD from one of their live shows from their current tour. It’s been a while since they last release one of those. For someone who can never attend a Rammstein concert, as I live in Asia Pacific, a live DVD would make my day anytime.

  2. I will wait patiently for both of these projects to be completed…with English subtitles please <3


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