Musician Divorce: 5 Rock Stars With Numerous Splits

Famous people get married and divorced as well as ordinary ones. Still, it is reported that
celebrities do this more often, having more financial opportunities and viewing relationships from a different perspective. So, there is no wonder that one can name a long list of rock musicians with a rich divorce history.

Here are the top rock stars with the brightest divorce cases.

Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman, a former musician and singer known for his performance in the Allman
Brothers Band, had an extensive marriage-divorce experience. He succeeded in seven
marriages and six divorces throughout his life. The marriages were short and lasted a couple of years on average. Allman’s most famous wife was Cher, who he was married to for less than three years.

He had relationships with his last wife Shannon Williams, for over five years; then, they
quietly got married right before Gregg’s death. Although Shannon was forty years younger than Allman, she supported him in the most challenging life period of severe health issues.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis, aka the Killer, is a talented pianist and a rock & roll world-famous star. On the contrary, his personal life is a somewhat notorious and tragic one.

Lewis was married seven times and six of the marriages ended up either with the divorce or the death of his wives. Most of his marriages last around a year, still there was quite a long one of twenty-one years, and the present marriage is already around ten years old. Sadly, his two wives died because of accidents. Still, Jerry was blamed when at least one of them passed away. One of his wives was only 13 years old when they got married and divorced him several years later with serious harassment accusations. Besides, she was also his not-so-distant relative.

Although Jerry Lee Lewis is married now, he still has financial arguments with his children. So one can surely say that his family life is never a peaceful one.

Mike Love

Michael Edwards Love or Mike Love is a famous American pop-rock singer, the co-founder
of the Beach Boys. He is admired for his unique nasal singing manner and has a significant influence on reggae culture.

Mike Love is a married man now. But he has divorced four times already. His previous
marriages last up to three years until being finalized by either of the parties. His current wife is Jacqueline Pilsen and they have been married since 1994. The singer has eight children, including two from his ongoing marriage.

Neal Schon

Neal Schon is a famous American rock guitarist and singer, most famous as a member of
Journey and Bad English.

Neal got divorced four times. All his previous marriages lasted over five years. The only
negative experience that was lighted by tabloids, was a false accusation of Neal being a
deadbeat father and not paying to his children. This came from his ex-wife Amber Schon’s mother. But Schon suited her and made the woman pay a serious compensation.
Neal’s current wife is Michael Salahi. They started dating when Salahi was still in the
previous marriage. They got married in 2013 and are happy together up to now.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters is a guitarist and co-vocalist of Pink Floyd. He is also famous for his activism on an international level.

When it comes to family life, the musician seems to be less successful here. He has been
married and divorced four times already. His very first wife was his childhood friend and the recent one was a famous actress and filmmaker Laurie Durning. Although his marriages were quite long and Roger has three kids from his ex-wives, he didn’t manage to save any of the relationships. So, Roger Waters is single currently.

Final Words

All in all, no matter whether you are a famous rock star or a plain office worker, you never know when you may need to get divorce papers online or consult your lawyer on your family issues. This means it is vital to pay decent time and attention to your marriage to keep it working. Or you should make efforts to arrange things in the best way when divorce is the only solution.


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