Mike Shinoda: “LINKIN PARK played a role in breaking down the boundaries between genres”

In a new interview for Kerrang! Radio Mike Shinoda from LINKIN PARK spoke about how “Hybrid Theory”, the band’s multi-platinum debut album, helped to widen the boundaries between musical styles by combining different sounds within a single album:

“This is a part of LINKIN PARK’s mission. We were called HYBRID THEORY — the band was called HYBRID THEORY before the release of the first LINKIN PARK album. And we played our part. None of us would claim that we broke all the boundaries between genres, but we played a role in breaking the boundaries between genres.

It’s funny, because I think some of the new generation don’t even know how things were before bands like us and then how albums like “Hybrid Theory” and so on changed people’s attitude to music. They were born after that, and they were born as they are, and mixing genres is how people listen to music. “-Hey, what’s your favorite type of music? -I like anything.”

When I was a kid, if someone asked: “What’s your favorite type of music?”, you had the answer: it was rap or it was metal, and it was a certain type of metal. “Do you listen to this too?” — “No. To hell with it.” It was so serious. And now people don’t even think about it.

I listened to LED ZEPPELIN because the BEASTIE BOYS used their music as samples. The first concert I went to was a PUBLIC ENEMY performance with ANTHRAX and PRIMUS. So these guys paved the way for something that taught me how to mix genres. The album RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE was just released. This was crazy»



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