Marilyn Manson Live at Echo Awards Featuring Rammstein

Marilyn Manson @ Echo Awards 2012
Marilyn Manson @ Echo Awards 2012

Rammstein will perform with Marilyn Manson his world hit The Beautiful People live at this year’s Echo Award show.

Marilyn Manson @ Echo Awards 2012
Marilyn Manson @ Echo Awards 2012

The Echo Awards 2012 will be broadcasted live at ARD channel on March 22nd, at 8.15 pm (Germany time). All fans can witness the performance at the same time via Live-Stream.



  1. Maya and Snake, fair enough. I must have missed the apology. Its too bad AIH suffers from back pain. I have migrains but its no excuse to be a bloody pissy asshole to others. Not their fault and all. Just my opinion. I agree, this has gone on too long. Thank you for the converstations and your time. Take care and carry on now. 😀

  2. @TillHammer
    If you read it, he knew it was a final joke, so he answered in the same terms. He doesn’t post every week, but from time to time, he does. I think everybody knows it, we even give shields to newcomers.

    I don’t think you can say we treat without respect to others, that’s not usual. And AiH apologized. Not going back to this again, I think it has no sense. 🙂

    Then it’s a very different type of site. I think our News section is great (even when we go off-topic), but I understand you like our Off-Topic section, I like it because it’s a big chaos. 😀

  3. ^Just approved your other post. Hadn’t check the back office for pending comments until now.

    Has for AiH’s attitude, I’ll just say that we have already talked to him once when he went too far. We also give him a bit of a slack because we know that he has cronic pain in his back.

    As for my rudeness… thats just how I roll. Get over it.

  4. Hello Maya, I had posted a comment in answer to your first post. It has not shown up yet. I may have left out a letter in my email. Not sure. In any case, the offened person I was referring too, is a male.

    The site I work on is for research purposes. I am sure my fellow colleagues would not appreciate it if I gave out this information. Some of them are Rammstein fans, but music is not what we are about. There are many boards as the site encompasses many subjects.

    I suppose I could have been a bit harsh. I do think the offender would do good to apologize to those they offended. All is fair in love and war. The off topic sections of converstation you are talking about are the most interesting, although I do enjoy the news. 😀

  5. @TillHammer

    She didn’t, I visited news section from time to time. 🙂

    If you visit us, you’d know, we are many times off topic and we use to be very nosey. Of course, you don’t have to answer, but which is your site?

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