Rammstein Wilder Wein lyric with English translation

Wilder Wein - vor deinem Schloss
Wilder Wein - ich bin bereit
man meldet Ankunft - nur für den König
Gott steh mir bei - und öffne deine Tore
Wilder Wein - und ganz langsam
Wilder Wein - so warm und feucht

Wilder Wein - vor deinem Schoss
Wilder Wein - es steht geschrieben
tief im Wasser - kreuzt man nicht
doch meine Lust - verlacht die Flügel
Wilder Wein - wie eine Taube
Wilder Wein - so nass und heiß

Wilder Wein - vor diesem Dunkel
Wilder Wein - von Licht geheilt
es bleibt verborgen - sonst könnten wir uns wehren
ich warte auf dich - am Ende der Nacht
Wilder Wein - nur eine Traube
Wilder Wein - und bitter wie Schnee

Ich warte auf dich - am Ende der Nacht
Wild wine - before your castle
wild wine - I am ready
Arrival is announced - only for the king
God, stand by me - and open your gates
wild wine - and totally slow
wild wine - so warm and moist

Wild wine - before your lap
wild wine - it has been written
deep in the water - you don't cross
but my desire - laughs at the wings
wild wine - like a dove
wild wine - so wet and hot

Wild wine - before this darkness
wild wine - healed by the light
it stays hidden - otherwise we could defend ourselves
I wait for you - at the end of the night
wild wine - only a grape
wild wine - and bitter like snow

I wait for you - at the end of the night


  1. As with any Rammstein poetry there are multiple layers. Yes defloration is at first glance what is being discussed, but delve deeper into it. I’ll give you a clue: What the scumbag soldiers from the UK(to my disgrace mein land!), US and predominately the Commy rats/Russians did to the women and children who surrendered to the allied ‘forces’ after the war. And also to the soldiers who surrendered, who should have been protected from abuse under the Geneva convention but most certainly were not. This is the most disturbing and disgusting act in mans history I have ever encountered. This should lead any investigation toward who sanctioned this behaviour, and how did they cover it up! I would advise watching ‘Hellstorm; The real genocide of Nazi Germany’ and then ‘The greatest love story never told’. And remember the German people who were sexualy and physically abused and slaughtered at the hands of their ‘liberators’ the next time you wear a red poppy.

      • If you take objection to that you both lack anything other than the propagandised education you were spoon fed from birth viz-a-viz History, nor is Rammstein the band for you.
        Yes there were Eugenics programs took place all over Europe at the turn of the 20th Century, Social Darwinism was in its prime. The war was a battle between two competing Socialisms. The Fabian society et al. on the British side favouring Eugenics in the name of class warfare, and the National Socialists who were identical in ideology with the one caveat being their Eugenics was in the name of Race. One side still exists today, and after the war took power through its political arm, the Labour party of Great Britain (and the Fabians still fund the labour Party on a monthly basis to this day). Yet Nazism has become synonymous with evil, whilst Fabians vicarious in the Labour party have enjoyed the benefits of being either in the executive or shadow cabinet of British Parliament in every Government that has existed since. The Rothschild’s and Rockefeller are still the richest people in the world, Hugo Boss has become one of the most influential designers in the world, and the cream of the Nazi scientists were shipped through to what would become their empire, NASA. Go figure!
        However if you understand who the founders of Fabianism are you may get a hint toward the likely culprit of the German eugenics program, indeed every Eugenics program, in fact I would go so far to say every contemporary political ideology. The Germans, including Hitler himself, were oblivious to their being played like pawns in chess by a group of obnoxious snobs whose intent it was that both would wipe the other out. Now do you know of any religious/political philosophy that would want to (have been waiting millennia for) wipe all non adherents from the face of the earth? And before you are to rash to jump in and shout “75 % of them” think carefully about how it could really only apply to one (and remember one such school that is supposedly intent upon destroying the West today was by and large exotic and removed from European society at the time, alongside the fact that most of its modern discontent toward the West has been very much a modern manifestation fueled by the same ‘race’ I am referring to in an attempt to now pit the West against the Middle East). Once it clicks you will find it a grand unifying theory that I can find no anomalies in.

        P.s. No you fuck off 😉

    • Hi buddy. Its on the fan edition of ‘Engel’, obviously on the cd version of ‘Live Aus berlin’, and there were two demos, one on ‘Das Spiel Mit Dem Feuer’, and the other on ‘Brachiale Gewalt’. So its out there, but you may have to pay a few quid to get a copy.

  2. I think this is about christian version of after-death events, like going to heaven and being judged by God.

  3. IDK why but everytime I hear this song I feel like shedding a tear. It is so dark and intense that it is just beyond beautiful. I just wish they would play it live. But given that it is very heavy I would understand why they don’t.

  4. Before I understood the lyrics, (back before I started learning German) the song was just so powerful, even though I didn’t know what it meant. The emotion in his voice and his eyes is just overwhelming to me. Such beauty. Now that I speak German alot better I can actually comprehend his lyrics and I must say, he doesn’t disapoint. So full of metaphors, which I absolutely love, and all of his lyrics and the music just bring one to such heights of pure, untouched, raw emotion. I own Live Aus Berlin and to have viewed him performing this song was simply breathtaking. I stare in awe every time. I also own Volkerball, and I was actually quite disapointed in it compared to Live Aus. But I suppose everyone is entitled to a just “decent” concert. I feel they could’ve done better. My love and respect for Rammstein doesn’t change a bit though. I’m waiting for Lichtspielhaus to be delivered. If it’s any bit as good as Live Aus then I can’t wait. Well, sorry for the ramble, hehe 🙂 This song is phenominal.

  5. such a good song. the song in my opinion is about sex, the couple have done all the other acts however the girl is a virgin not ready for sex. He will wait for her until she is ready.

    The live Aus Berlin version in my opinion is so much more powerful, not as much synth on Tills voice as in the studio version, as well as how much he kicks up the last verse when the crowd claps in time and finishes the song in a more somber tone. cheers thanks for taking the time to read and hear my opinion

  6. Here is what I think:
    Till is someone who feels very deeply, and like all poets who actually feel deeply, they are able to master metaphors. This song probably has three levels of depth to it. I am not so certain their final and deepest meaning has to do with sex/deflowering a woman’s virginity.
    I think it has to do with spirituality at its highest point. There are religious terms used, biblical, and even the name of God. Some people might say, yeah, but Rammstein don’t believe in religion. They may not believe in organized religion, but that doesn’t mean they are not spiritual. Some of them at least are, but whether you like it or not you are a spirit anyway.
    I think at the end of the song Till (or the person talking represented by Till’s voice–who could be any of us, right?), becomes the one waiting for the lover to come. In Christian and Hindu themes, God has been called the lover, and the human soul is the beloved, the bride.
    Since we are here waiting for our death either bitterly or with acceptance, I think it has to do with this. Some of us are very sick and tired of this planet, waiting for a big change. More and more people actually.
    Anyhow, I think the song also has to do with the theme of innocence, and the respect of innocence. Parts of the song lyrics do seem to suggest sex, “vaginal” terms are applied. I think that this is just a metaphor for the bigger picture I was suggesting a second ago.
    Well, sorry for a slightly long reply, I might write more but some of the younger people are impatient yet 😉

    The first few times I heard this song it humbled me and now if I hear it I fight the tears. I am a 30 year old big guy from Canada, and this type of song hits me in the core. One of Rammstein’s better songs in my opinion.


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