Rammstein Sonne lyrics with English translation

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1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9 und aus 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9 and out
Alle warten auf das Licht All waiting for the light
fürchtet euch, fürchtet euch nicht have fear, fear not
die Sonne scheint mir aus den Augen the sun shines out of my eyes
sie wird heut nacht nicht untergehen she will not go down tonight
… und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn … and the world counts loud to ten
eins… hier kommt die Sonne one… here comes the sun
zwei… hier kommt die Sonne two… here comes the sun
drei… sie ist der hellste Stern von allen three… she’s the brightest star of all
vier… hier kommt die Sonne four… here comes the sun
Die Sonne scheint mir aus den händen the sun shines out of my hands
kann verbrennen kann euch blenden can burn, can blind you
wenn sie aus den Fäusten bricht if she breaks out of my fists
legt sich heiss auf das Gesicht lie hot on your face
Sie wird heut Nacht nicht untergehen she would not go down to night
und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn and the world counts loud to ten
eins… hier kommt die Sonne one… here comes the sun
zwei… hier kommt die Sonne two… here comes the sun
drei… sie ist der hellste Stern von allen three… she’s the brightest star of all
vier… hier kommt die Sonne four… here comes the sun
fünf… hier kommt die Sonne five… here comes the sun
sechs… hier kommt die Sonne six… here comes the sun
sieben… sie ist der hellste Stern von allen seven… she is the brightest star of all
acht… hier kommt die Sonne eight… here comes the sun
Die Sonne scheint mir aus den Händen the sun shines out of my hands
kann verbrennen, kann dich blenden can burn, can blind you
Wenn sie aus den Fäusten bricht when she breaks out of my fists
legt sich heiss auf dein Gesicht lie hot on your face
legt sich schmerzend auf die Brust lays painful on your chest
das Gleichgewicht wird zum Verlusst the balance come to loss
läßt dich hard zu Boden gehen lets you go down hard
und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn and the world counts loud to ten
eins… hier kommt die Sonne one… here comes the sun
zwei… hier kommt die Sonne two… here comes the sun
drei… sie ist der hellste Stern von allen three… she’s the brightest star of all
vier… und wird nie vom Himmel fallen four… and will never fall from heaven
fünf… hier kommt die Sonne five… here comes the sun
sechs… hier kommt die Sonne six… here comes the sun
sieben… sie ist der hellste Stern von allen seven… she is the brightest star of all
acht… hier kommt die Sonne eight… here comes the sun

According to WaveAdvice this song was originally going to be used as heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko’s entrance music, but was never used. The demo name of the song was Klitschko. Even without the use as Klitschko’s entrance music, the song still references boxing through the verses and the counting to ten, as a referee does for a potential KO.


  1. Putting the boxing aside, I like analyzing the official video, where a woman (die Sonne), towering over all the man (just like Sun does), interacts with them in various ways.

    So at first, when she enters the house, she receives an offering of small piece of gold. This is a first suggestion, that the Sun is portrayed as a deity. But apparently, the offering is too small, the Sun gets offended and knocks the man down on the table.

    Then the Sun spanks a man, as the rest of them stand in line, waiting for their turn. You do not see a slightest sign of disobedience. There is nothing they can do. In reality, it may suggest, that sometimes Sun may “spank” you, i.e it can make sunburns or make labor really hard in the heat of the Sun. We see the men working even harder throughout the video to produce a bigger offering for the next day.

    Sun is beautiful, but you cannot look at it for too long, or you will get blinded. The episode, where Sun’s beauty is appreciated by two men holding the mirror for her and one brushing her hair. While another one, stares at her admiringly, but gets “blinded” for staring for too long. (kann verbrennen kann euch blenden)

    Then the part starts, where Sun gets addicted to all the admiration and offerings (snorting gold dust). You see the loving (warming) Sun when she stands tall over all the men kneeling and crouching around her. They adore and revere her and she is happy to provide the warmth (a nice coincidence, is that this happens on count “sechs”, which sounds similar to “sex”). All this comes at a cost. The Sun simply gets too much of adoration, overdoses on it (syringe of gold dust) and dies. You can see the somber faces of the men as they enter the room where Sun has died.

    The night begins. It’s dark. The men put the Sun into coffin and bring it on the hill. They are mourning, sad and depressed. Despite that, the words “Hier kommt die Sonne” continue, as you we see a sweaty, mud covered man uttering these words working hard to mine more gold, because the faith burns in his heart and he knows that Sun will return.

    Finally, a falling apple breaks the glass coffin (which probably suggested temporariness of her death in the first place) and She is reborn. A falling apple may symbolize a cycle of life – one falls, while another one rises.

    By the way, she both dies and resurrects on “acht” (8). This is obvious reference to evening and morning. While it doesn’t mean that Sun sets and rises at the same time, it’s good symbolism, because 8a.m is usually considered morning (sunrise), while 8p.m the evening (sunset).

    • dude… the video is a parody of snow white, are you living under a rock? I suggest you look up Snow white and the 7 dwarves.

      • Dude…. Rammstein literally uses artistic metaphor in pretty much all of their music. Are you living under a rock? I suggest you consider the possibility that you do not actually need to be virtue signaled nor told how you should interpret something, and attempt, however terrifying it may be for you, to form a unique thought all on your own. Without influence of the author, or outside critiques. Intention and perception are two very different things, and while it is great that fountain by Marcel Duchamp is seen as both an example of ‘anything can be art’ and ‘so, does [the art organization Duchamp worked with] consider this art, then?’, also being interpreted along very similar lines (ie, found object art, the modern and post modern underpinnings of the effort (or intent) or lack there of imbue the piece with meaning, maybe even DaDa….weirdness(for lack of a better term)) it is almost lost on history that the intent was to effectively expose the organization as judgemental art snobs. He presented that piece to essentially test to see how open to outside, new, strange works and artistic origins, and it was discredited as not art. Because it was a urinal placed on its back on a pedestal. He then handed in his resignation from that organization. And here we are, many many many decades later, and people are still trying to figure out if its art or not. When it should be revered for its historical significance in the events it was involved with, not a display of esoteric art or a challenge to the concept of what is art.

        The intention of the artist does not preclude the perception of the audience. The moment a work is put out into the public the author dies, and the work will live on upon its perception alone.

        Tldr – dude chill. If they want to interpret it that way they can interpret it that way. Cross your arms place your hands over your chest and calm your tits.

    • Oh, that is such a lovely idea. But you really need to know the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Particularly the Disney version. The video is about that. The dwarves all worked in the min. Same outfit on Snow White and everything. Although it is true that they are seeing her as a goddess, like the Sun, either way.

  2. Without getting into the song background and meanings previously put forward here, I have wondered if this song contains a message about arrogance. Do Germans have an equivalent of the British saying about the sun shining out of someone’s arse?

    • Im not sure, however we can take the German linguistic tradition of just cramming words together and come up with either “scheißende Sonnenstrahlen” (shitting sunbeams), or “scheißende Sonnenlich” (shitting sunlight).

  3. Hey, Tony Anthony, learn to speak English because I can’t understand shit of what you’re saying. At least use Google translate bro! Hahaha

  4. Seems to me the song refers to the worship of the sun. Sun was the ultimate “god” to most of the pagan people of pre-Christian Europe. Many metal bands prise the pagan rites and many such stories can be heard in many metal songs. In particular, with Scandinavian black and Viking metal, paganism is often the main topic. Many people in Europe to this day see Christianity as an imposed religion and an import from the Middle East. Hence “resistance music” to the “mainstream” religion will always sound cool and mystic. In search for old lost tradition…

    • Coming up on the next episode of “Crowbarred Interpretations: looking way too deeply into things”, that comment….

  5. The video maybe about the Nimrod Complex. To love the one that abuses you. The hand that burns. To serve the unworthy. The song probably didn’t start out that way. Rammstein love their double entendres crossing from English to German and back. Could easily be seen as “the son”

  6. what the fuck.
    Have you not heard Links 234?

    All you have is sun is white circle. There’s literally no other connection to Nazism

  7. This song is about the national socialist flag. The white circle that encases or holds the swastika is a sun. Rammstein is full of national socialist references despite their objection to being fascist. They just have to go about hiding it in a certain light to prevent the government fron censoring their music.

    Sieg Rammstein!

    • First of all – Goebells? Try that again, with the correct spelling…

      Rammstein are from the former GDR, which was a socialist state and – as nations go – the farthest removed from any fascist ideas connected with the Third Reich. Not satisfied with merely signing contracts to declare a formal segregation from the young Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the newly founded Deutsche Demokratische Republik DDR (German Democratic Republic or GDR) built die Mauer (the wall) – they called it “antifaschistischer Schutzwall” (anti – fascistic protective barrier)!
      There are numerous interviews in which the band members clarified that their political orientation is not and has never been rightist nor alt-right; their songtexts (“Links 2-3-4”, for example, or “Deutschland”) can attest to that.

      Pointing out similarities between the Third Reich ideology connected to the sun and Rammstein using a sun motif, that’s like saying “North Korea and South Korea must be the same, they’re both called Korea”! If you are so intent in connecting random ideologies – why didn’t the ministry of propaganda create a new symbol instead of ‘borrowing’ the swastika (Hindi, meaning “well-being”)?

      You have to rethink your “they have to disguise and denounce ties to the Third Reich” theory, it doesn’t hold water.
      There are bands in Germany who are de-facto Nazis, but that doesn’t lead to censorship, not anymore.
      Let’s be real: Till rolls his R’s and that made many undiscerning people (yes, you too) think “Adolf did it, too”.
      Again, if one intends to run their mouth, it’s imperative to ascertain that the main switch of the corresponding brain unit has been turned “ON” first; Adolf Hitler’s distinctive »Rolling R’s« weren’t, in fact, his trademark but that of an entire era! Popular music had them (“Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus” by the Comedian Harmonists) and movie stars spoke that way, too. Once again, a stupid allegation to tie Till Lindemann’s vocalizations to Nazi custom.
      Maybe you are just trolling your crude opinion for the sheer fun of it, given the fact that nothing you say is based on solid knowledge, eg from literature pertaining to contemporary history/19th & 20th century history (division of powers ➡Weimar Republic/Third Reich/ Post War period/ German reunification), media studies, social science, early childhood education et al.
      If you are simply looking for a background music to match to your ideology, you surely won’t have a problem with deciding on a band from your own country. It alleviates the language barrier problem, too.

  8. Almost every till song has let me to an unique meaning. Die Sonne ( the sun) means light which in general terms is a good thing. i mean without the sun, there wouldn’t be a life. darkness sounds good only in two hour film or even in 3 minute of a song.
    if we go back to the lyrics, they show us for another difficult day that these people will have, while working. But in another hand at least they will enjoy of going out ( they would be working even within for walls (punished forever working and living just like that in the dark).
    if the original Idea was Boxing than perhaps its about those very shiny lights that each ring’s corner “strike” to the boxer. and also about that punch that comes like a very hot sun.

  9. I always thought it was Fraulein not Von Allen, “she is the brightest Star”
    I knew about the snow white music video so I was half right, but I don’t understand German so I knew pieces.

    • English has gendered pronouns that only refer to people and animals, but all other nouns are basically grammatically neuter and referred to as “it.” German has gendered nouns AND articles (the English articles are a, an, and the), and “Die Sonne” — “the sun” — is grammatically feminine, so it’s referred to by the feminine pronoun “sie.” It should have been translated as “It is the brightest star of all” since there are no other feminine objects or people in the context of just the lyrics, but since they decided to make it about Snow White instead of a boxer, sie could also mean “she.”

  10. Actually, the song can be twisted to portray either the atom bomb or (as the official youtube video does) excesses. In my opinion you really can’t discount either

    • Honestly, as hit and miss I personally find Rammsteins music on an individual track basis (as a whole its always great chunky german metal), and as a HUGE fan of word play I have always enjoyed the way meaning is warped, twisted, and woven through their works. IMHO, regardless of anything else, it shows that there are people involved who put time into what they create and not just to be seen creating. I dont have to like all of someones art (or any at all for that matter) in order to respect their commitment and effort they put towards it. Not everyone has it, not everything resonates like the author wishes it would, or will the work ever find the audience that can resonate with it. But its always awesome when elements come together where artists, artistic works, and receptive audiences can share in a common experience. Even if perceived differently, its the shared experience that can bring us together.

      As sappy as that sounds, the world needs more positive vibes and ones centered around depressing angry german metal are an entirely valid source too

  11. If you watch the interview the did on this song they said that Till wanted to make the video about a boxer but when they got the idea for snowhite the all decided it was better.

  12. There are two places in here where the word “heiss” is translated to “ice” (Eis) rather than hot (heiss). Those lines should both be translated “lays down hot on your face”, which is basically the opposite of what’s written (ironic?). Not sure if anyone does edits on these pages, but that would be a good one.

    • It’s not just that – the English translation is beyond the pale! Whoever thought that translating verbatum, word for word, is the way to go about it .. and tenses, who the hell needs that? »Paßt scho’« ist der Lieblingsspruch der Faulen!


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