Rammstein Nebel lyric with English translation

Sie stehen eng umschlungen
ein Fleischgemisch so reich an Tagen
wo das Meer das Land beruhrt
will sie ihm die Wahrheit sagen 

Doch ihre Worte frisst der Wind
wo das Meer zu Ende ist
halt sie zitternd seine Hand
und hat ihn auf die Stirn gekusst

sie tragt den Abend in der Brust
und weiss dass sie verleben muss
sie legt den Kopf in seinen Schoss
und bittet einen letzten Kuss

und dann hat er sie gekusst
wo das Meer zu Ende ist
ihre Lippen schwach und bla?
und seine Augen werden na?

Der letzte Kuss ist so lang her
der letzte Kuss
er erinnert sich nicht mehr 
They stand with their arms tightly around each other
a mixture of flesh, so rich in days
where the sea touches the land
she wants to tell him the truth

But the wind eats her words
where the sea ends
she holds his hand, trembling
and kissed him on the forehead

She carries the evening in her chest
and knows that she must wither away
she lays her head in his lap
and asks for a last kiss

and then he kissed
her where the sea ends
her lips, delicate and pale
and his eyes tear up

The last kiss was so long ago
the last kiss he does not
remember it anymore

One of Rammstein’s few slow songs, this song is about a couple who takes their final walk together on the beach before the woman dies in the man’s arms.


  1. ihre Lippen schwach und bla?
    und seine Augen werden na?


    ihre Lippen schwach und blass
    und seine Augen werden nass

    • Joeri Schuute Sep 4, 2021 at 12:37 am

      “Doch ihre Worte frisst der Wind”
      I believe this is “But the wind freezes her words”

      *No, that is incorrect. “frisst” means devour or consume, so the grammatically correct translation would be something like “But the wind devours her words”

        • Fressen – To devour or to eat in the manner of an animal. Similar to “Essen” – to eat.

          So if someone describes you at table “fressing” your dinner, they’re saying your table manners are beastly.

          In the context of the lyric, you could say the wind wolfed her words, I guess…

  2. This song all the time achieves to make me cry. The part “wo das meer zu ende ist” has a deep meaning for me. We use “Deniz” as a name in Turkish which is literaly means das meer. My ex gf’s name is Deniz (Meer), where my love to her ended i fell into love to some other girl and the point where i finally thought we’ll be a couple with her was when she kissed me first and the last time near the end of sea. Unfortunetly 2 week later she said she wasnt ready for a relationship and then left me with my sorrow.

  3. Before I saw the translation, I heard of ancient histories, love’s like or perhaps father to son talk, I wondered. By knowing their translation reminds me what is life like, so naturally poetic in the sadness or happiness. Beautiful encompassing rhythm.

  4. Such a beautiful song. Immediately became one of my absolute favourites. Strange to see it doesn’t get the love it deserves.

  5. I like this song, her come my “translation”:

    I tried to keep the rhymes, when possible.
    It is not translated word by word (which would not sound nice, IMHO).
    I also tried to obtain the style of the song (as good as a non-author can do such a thing…).


    they stand closely embraced
    a blend of flesh, long off their youth
    where the sea touches the land
    she wants to tell him all the truth

    though her words, them ates the wind
    where the sea is at it’s end
    trembling, she holds his hand
    and kissed him on his brow

    she holds the evening in her chest
    and knows she has to go
    she lays her head down in his lap
    and pleads for a last kiss

    and then he kissed her
    where the sea is at it’s end
    her lips weak and faint
    and his eyes get wet

    the last kiss was long ago
    the last kiss
    he can’t remember anymore

  6. I think that the meaning of the lyric is different for everyone.We are all different and my meaning does not have to be the same as yours for example.A good lyric does that to you.We can think that it means this and that,but maybe it is something totally different.But it is very nice to see others meanings.And for the song…I LOVE IT.It is a beautiful song.Never get tired of it!!

  7. the reason why he does’nt remember the last kiss anymore, Is becouse he got senile.”a mixture of flesh, so rich in days”, wich off course says that they were already old.


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