Rammstein Nebel lyric with English translation

Sie stehen eng umschlungen
ein Fleischgemisch so reich an Tagen
wo das Meer das Land beruhrt
will sie ihm die Wahrheit sagen 

Doch ihre Worte frisst der Wind
wo das Meer zu Ende ist
halt sie zitternd seine Hand
und hat ihn auf die Stirn gekusst

sie tragt den Abend in der Brust
und weiss dass sie verleben muss
sie legt den Kopf in seinen Schoss
und bittet einen letzten Kuss

und dann hat er sie gekusst
wo das Meer zu Ende ist
ihre Lippen schwach und bla?
und seine Augen werden na?

Der letzte Kuss ist so lang her
der letzte Kuss
er erinnert sich nicht mehr 
They stand with their arms tightly around each other
a mixture of flesh, so rich in days
where the sea touches the land
she wants to tell him the truth

But the wind eats her words
where the sea ends
she holds his hand, trembling
and kissed him on the forehead

She carries the evening in her chest
and knows that she must wither away
she lays her head in his lap
and asks for a last kiss

and then he kissed
her where the sea ends
her lips, delicate and pale
and his eyes tear up

The last kiss was so long ago
the last kiss he does not
remember it anymore

One of Rammstein’s few slow songs, this song is about a couple who takes their final walk together on the beach before the woman dies in the man’s arms.


  1. I agreed with Segeta in 2008. Almost 4 years later I find that the lyrics STILL haven’t been updated. The same as many others lyrics on this site.

    These are the corrections for Nebel:

    bla? = blaß = blass –> pale.

    na? = naß = nass –> wet.

    (Obviously this is a popular site for Rammstein fans and it’s a good one I might add. But someone should be making a bit more of an effort in correcting the OFFICIAL lyrics and reviewing their English translations, which are sometimes also erroneous)

  2. I think that this song has to do with “The Little Mermaid” writin by Hans Christian Andersen.

    she wants to tell the prince that it was her that saved him from drowning, but can’t because she sold her voice. They love each other but he is going to marry a princess that he thinks is the one who saved him, and not a beautiful mute.
    The sun is setting on the last day and she knows that she is going to die soon and will turn into sea foam/mist

    that’s why the song is called Nebel – Mist,Fog,Cloud

  3. Man. This is possibly an equaliser to Ohne Dich in my mind. So beautiful, sad, and quite moving. I hope there is another song like this in Rammstein’s next album.


  4. I think it’s about the man’s illness, forgetfullness, or dementia. His wife tries to tell him she’s sick aswell but the news doesn’t reach him.He’s just been kissed and it seems ages ago to him.
    A beautifull yet sad song.

  5. @nathaniel
    yea, he might have returned after she died but it doesn’t seem like he remembers her…
    either he’s moved on from the tragedy or her life ended with her loving him dearly but his devotion to her memory wasn’t sincere
    To me this song is lovely but ends with tragedy in more ways than one.

  6. It seems like this takes place over two years to me. The man and his wife walk where they met, and she wants to tell him something. It seems like breast cancer to me (carries evening in her (brust-chest/breast)). He returns the next year after she dies and remembers her. So long ago.


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