Lindemann Cowboy lyrics

Since I was a kid I had this dream
I want to be a tough guy, wild and mean
Flying bullets, flying fists
Born to ride and to be kissed

Cowboy, cowboy, he can ride
Any horse and any bride
Cowboy, cowboy
Comes to town
Beat you up and shoot you down

I wear my blue jeans very tight
Please the ladies every night
They put money in my hat
Makes their husbands so upset

Cowboy, cowboy, he can ride
Any horse and any bride
Cowboy, cowboy
Comes to town
Beat you up and shoot you down
Cowboy, cowboy, never die
Feels no pain, never cries
Cowboy, you get all the chicks
Big, big horses and big dicks

Was never wild, never mean
Never joined the cowboy scene
I just ride my rocking chair
Hide my teeth in Tupperware

Cowboy, cowboy, this is sad
Vomit in your cowboy hat
Cowboy, cowboy
This is fun
Lost the bullets, fuck your gun
Cowboy, cow-oh-boy, we die
Every night I have to cry
Cowboy, cowboy
What a prick
Drunken horse and shrunken dick

Till Lindemann about the song meaning:

Till: Peter came with the instrumental he sent me it was just the drum kit “(drum noise)” and it reminds me to shot, somehow I came up, I don’t know how I just go this idea of the horses and there was the rhythm of the song. The rhythm of the song was like riding a horse and it was in my head, it strikes me like this. Then out of the blue I came up with the cowboy situation. I don’t remember anymore. It’s just a thing, really if you talk about cowboys you can compare it to bikers, everybody’s wants to be the tough guy or the hot shot. In the end we are all going to get old…

Q:: Did you ever get into cowboys movie at all

Till: no. When I grew up in East Germany, we got this kind of political thing. We were pro Indians. The Indians are the local people from America and they got like exploited they had to get in reservations and so the Cowboys are the bad people. We got these really silly East German movies, old shutter and stuff; they ere always pro Indians because these were the poor guys and the cowboys were the bad guys, that’s how I grew up.

Q: That’s really interesting, when I was growing up it was the opposite it was always about the cowboys.

Till: Yeh yeh of course, the Indians are always the bad people, they come over to the camp and shoot everyone and the skull the people they are really brutal, they are really really bad and we’ve grown up the opposite the Indians were very good but in the end it’s the truth the cowboys came over and beat up the Indians you know?