It has been confirmed, Rammstein new album in 2021!


The Rammstein group had a productive time in isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions. And now fans can rejoice – the new Rammstein album has been recorded in record time! This good news was shared by the band’s keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz in an interview with

“There was no downtime. We became even more creative. Since we could not perform live, we used this time to come up with something new, unwind. And we recorded a new disc, which was not planned before,” said the musician.

54-year-old keyboardist Christian Lorenz told in an interview a little about what the new Rammstein compositions will be. “We usually take our themes from everyday life and from what happens in the world,” Lorenz said, “and there is always something going on.” And he added: “But our main topic is stupidity, narrow-mindedness, obstinacy. During the time of the coronavirus, this has not gone anywhere.”

Now it remains to wait for the release of the album to be announced.


  1. I’ve been eager to see the new album ever since when Till was said caught by corona. At that time everything seemed to be too heavy, unbreathable and hopeless. And I thought that there is only Rammstein can sing something about it, not to mention how important Till’s lyrics are, I thought maybe I won’t have chance to hear it anymore. I have been waiting for almost one year.

  2. previously rumored self titled and LIFAD leftover will released including Ramm4. maybe on this release contain half of that leftover and few new material, because i think one year isnt enough to write complete new album

  3. SUUUUPER – RiesenVORfreude auf das neue Album der besten Band der Welt !!!
    GROSSE Hoffnung auf das von 2020 auf dieses Jahr im Juni im Olympiastadion verschobene Konzert !!!!!!


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