Vampire – Book about Till


A book called “Vampire” was published in France. In this book, Till, vocalist of a well-known rock group, is possessed by the spirit of an ancient vampire.

He becomes a murderer, feeding on the vital energy of mortals, or by letting them live by their suggestion worst nightmare, causing orgasm, depending on the circumstance.

And no, you are not dreaming, the writer, Patricia Cornuz, used the real Till Lindemann to build its main character, it has also encountered during a trip to Berlin.


  1. Not that I’m overly interested in this book, but I’m really surprised at how many of you are saying that you think it’s “disgusting”. How is this any worse than some of their lyrics?!

    Um – Weisses Fleish anyone?

    (Ya, ya, probably spelled that wrong. Bite me)

  2. Hey never read the book and have nothing against it I don’t know the woman and don’t judge her man I love Till if u r a wampyre bite mich bitte k thank u all good day

  3. OMG, I want someone to write a vampire book about me!! than my life would be complete! Till, you are freakin awsome!!

  4. Say what ? LoL where do these people come up with such ideas. Seriously the woman has issues. It's music he is making , not hunting for pray lol.

  5. God this book sounds revolting. Till should sue her ass for using him as a role model for such a disgusting book…

  6. Awesome! Never expected a book with him as a character. I maybe thought he'd make a published diary or something…

  7. When I saw the photo of the author, I thought that we’re talking about autobiography book! I think this book is desecration. Sue her, Till! 😀


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