Hellfest 2021 (from home)

Hi to all who loves rock music and metalheads out there, as you probably know all fests and most of the concerts are still closed or postponed in 2021, in both Europe and North America, so it didn’t come as surprise the same happened to a french Hellfest too, though they did try to make it “a watch from home” type of thing, they recorded most bands back in May using not just cameras but drones, how good it went, you can judge yourself.

  1. Crisix – a spanish band with as much drive without any audience as if those plains were filled with thousands fans

2) Ensiferum – a five men finish band

3) Jinjer – a pretty intense ukrainian band, they have a new album coming out this year, one of their new songs was sang on hellfest.

4) Tagada Jones – a french punk rock band with a slice of electro and metal.

5) Black Bomb A – another french punk metal band

6) Shaârghot – and yet another french punk metal band

7) Frustration – this is a pretty chill french punk band

8) Hexecutor – pretty wild french bad with quite a few black metal in it.

9) Hangman’s Chair – this is doom metal french band with amazing quality of their lyrics & vocal.

10) The Great Old Ones – as you probably figured out from the name this french band consists of big fans of Lovecraft strories

11) Celeste – French band from Lyon, founded in 2005. Combining black metal, sludge metal, and post-hardcore.

12) Loudblast – good old fashion french death metal.

13) Karras – french death metal

I know that it isn’t as fun watching this type of great musical festivals online as it is participating in them yourselves, but maybe you would like to have fun with online slots?..


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