GEORGE LYNCH came up with a replacement for the name LYNCH MOB

As part of a recent conversation, George Lynch said that he has a preliminary version of the band’s name instead of LYNCH MOB:

“I will always have a craving for touring. And I think I’ll be performing as GEORGE LYNCH AND THE NEW WEST. I came up with THE NEW WEST back in the 80s and I told a few close friends about it. Recently, I was looking for a new name for tours, and my friend reminded me of that, saying: «What about THE NEW WEST? It’s a killing name!» and I thought: «It’s true, I like it. GEORGE LYNCH AND THE NEW WEST. Why not?». So I think I’ll stick with that option. I am discussing this option with the agent. And in this case, it gives me the freedom to perform different material. It is not necessary to focus only on the LYNCH MOB. I mean, I can play some of this stuff, then some of DOKKEN, but also some completely different stuff. I can play anything. And I can change the set every night!»


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