EYEHATEGOD Announced the Release of a New Single, ‘Built Beneath The Lies’

EYEHATEGOD announced the release of a new single, ‘Built Beneath The Lies’. It will be included in the forthcoming album ‘A History Of Nomadic Behavior’ to be released today, on March 12 this year.

Eyehategod’s vocalist Mike IX Williams described the track thus:

“‘Built Beneath The Lies’ is another biting Eyehategod composition playing in the background while backstreets burn with nervous alcoholic tension and people everywhere abandon their summer plans for staring at a wall…”

‘Built Beneath The Lies’ is the third preview for the album consisting of the twelve songs. Besides, the band has already released both the powerful ‘Fake What’s Yours’ song and the prophetic one ‘High Risk Trigger.’ The album’s early previews suggest the worthy return of the legendary group and offer a listener all the sullen, distorted aggression we have grown to expect from the band.

The album’s release followed a period of the New Orleans-based band’s touring for three years; besides, during this time, Williams suffered from liver impairment and needed transplantation. “We’ve been traveling around all sorts of places for three years, and that’s essentially where ‘History Of Nomadic Behavior’ comes from,”

Williams explains before adverting to his health issue:

“Death is part and parcel of life — it’s a game of dice. Sometimes you accept life as it is, sometimes you struggle to remain alive.”

The album was produced by Eyehategod as well as Sanford Parker (Yob, Voivod) and James Whitten (Thou, High on Fire), with Whitten’s mixing. The record was accomplished in HighTower Recording and Hypercube studios.

The album will be available both on digital platforms and as a limited edition on physical media.

‘A History of Nomadic Behavior features the following tracks:

‘Built Beneath the Lies’

‘The Outer Banks’

‘Fake What’s Yours’

‘Three Black Eyes’

‘Current Situation’

‘High Risk Trigger’

‘Anemic Robotic’

‘The Day Felt Wrong’

‘The Trial of Johnny Cancer’

‘Smoker’s Place’

‘Circle of Nerves’

‘Every Thing, Every Day


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