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Starting from yesterday, the international press has the right to write reviews about the new album. Here is the list of the most recent reviews that you can read and prepare yourself for the release. Unfortunately nobody contacted Affenknecht (number one Rammstein fansite worldwide) so we are not able to provide our own album review.

English –
English – Kerrang
English – The Soundcheck
French –
French –
French –
French –
German – Berliner Morgenpost
German – Sonic SeducerGerman – Chronicle
German –
German – Augsburger Allgemeine
German – Spiegel Online
German –
German – Frankfurter Allgemeine
German – Der Standard
German – Tagesspiegel
Spanish – Rammstein Mexico
Spanish –
Spanish –
Spanish – Rafabasa
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  1. This is pure musical genius!! I’m the same age as TIL ,have heard and seen everything,and this is as solid as it gets.They have aged like fine wine so enjoy it because it won’t last forever. I personally think it might be their best work ? Jon from the great state of Michigan

  2. not their best.its not reise reise or mutter and it should not be.but besides that i was expecting something heavier..still its a great album.

  3. Been jamming the new album for 2 days now, loving almost everything on it. Yea, it’s not Herzeleid or Mutter. Those albums are almost 30 yrs old… They’re in their fifties now. Expecting them to have not grown beyond what made those albums is juvenile.

  4. I don’t care how much hate this album gets, I legitimately think it’s amazing, sure it’s not Mutter or LIFAD but it doesn’t need to be! It’s something totally different from their albums before and I love that. Awesome lyrics amazing sound, I honestly don’t have a gripe with anything here, can’t wait to see them perform these songs live!

  5. honestly do people ever stop being disappointed? its a NEW album its not part 2 of LIFAD or Mutter its something new something different they evolved and they did a great job don’t tell me that if you listen to them live you will cry and beg for old song. some of the new songs beg to played lived.
    sorry if you are so disappointed (not really) but its a masterpiece considering the trash that come out constantly. changing your sound and finding new things only keeps you fresh and doesn’t make you feel bored. i would be bored to play constantly the same songs for years and never do something new and different

  6. Deutschland…a musical short movie about germany in 10 minutes. love it so much. Rammstein’s Flag is always über allen.

  7. I love this album! i love the electronic elements reminds me of the first two albums, Flake defintely got brought to the forefront of the album and its great, i know in a interview richard said they really perfected melodic music and i feel this album is so well crafted and melodic, heavy and poppy, metal and 80’s new wave sounds, i couldn’t be happier, this might be the best streak of albums ever, everything they’ve made is gold.

  8. Yes bro I have heard. This album is growing on me but it is not even close to Mutter, Reise Reise, Rosenort and LIFDA. If you are a big fan of Herzeleid, especially it’s rhythm guitar, then this album is yours.

  9. Deuschland is a masterpiece und some tracks like Zeig dich und Halloman Are fun but rest of them are average for me and nothing new. And what seems weird to me is that a masterpiece semi-album like Rosenort received average reviews from some critics who acclaim this new one. I don’t know, Maybe my taste is trash but I hope other fans enjoy the new album.

  10. First of all sorry for my poor english. I know some people like the new album, but I wasn’t expecting a album like this, I am really disappointed. After 10 years waiting …….


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