Children Medievel Band Supported Rammstein in Denver


Last Sunday’s concert on Denver (Colorado, USA) had a very special openning act, conducted by Children Medieval Band.

This band is comprised of a trio of children who have recently become a viral phenomenon among Rammstein fans, thanks to their covers of Sonne, Ich will and Du riechst so gut. Even Rammstein’s official site helped spread the videos of the trio, thus being invited to play live at the Denver Coliseum.

UPDATE (22/05/2012): Their performance is already in youtube. This post has been updated with the video.


  1. I hope these kids will never forget that that they were able to perform before the greatest live act ever. -Wonderfull 😀

  2. Love seeing how enthusiastic the crowd is to support these kids! Just goes to show what an amazing group Rammstein fans are – and the band for having the kids play!

  3. Wow,this was really cool!So generous of Rammstein to invite this kids to play the opening.This 6 german men really have big hearts!!That is one of many reasons for why I love them.It must have been awsome for this kids to be invited!Truly,Rammstein remembers where they come from!And this kids where actually very good!And so nice of the audience to embrace them like they did.Very nice Denver!!

  4. That’s one way to start your musical career!! Good for them! It would have been something if anyone else from R+ came out to play with them.

  5. was there and it was cute the crowd just went wild for them it was nice of R+ to invite them to open up for them .


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