Till Lindemann Against German Pirate Party


Till Lindemann was part of a group of 100 German artists who signed an open letter addressed to the German Pirate Party.

Till Lindemann
Till Lindemann

This letter expresses harsh criticism towards the party’s demand on reforms to the copyright law:

“We Are the Creators. […] The new realities of digitization and the internet are no reason to justify ordinary theft of intellectual property”

This letter was published this Thursday by the German newspaper Die Zeit. You can check the original news here (in English). The letter’s content is also published on the Internet, and can be found on this site (in German).


  1. Hey guys we are talking about albums
    No1rammsfan after the american tour i think all members of band will looking each other and they will decide a new album

  2. @Mark

    I see your point but I was oversimplifying. Whilst I do agree with you in principal I think it depends on the subject matter.

    For example, I studied German & History. I don’t feel with those 2 subjects that I’m ripping off the author because they are essentially regurgitating something that can easily be found elsewhere. If you think about it, they are just copying other works themselves. If I was instead studying another subject such as Philosophy or literature I wouldn’t download because those books would be the authors own thoughts & opinions.

    On top of that, it didn’t help that I was a poor student, bound by the educational system & had to use the ridiculously priced learning materials they specified. Were it not for these restrictions I would’ve educated myself legally

    For what it’s worth I haven’t downloaded anything since.

  3. Some people simply do not care. It’s easy, its free, and people can get away with it easily. Back when they played Madison Square Garden they made an announcement that there must have been some sort of underground following that they had no idea existed in America that exceeded their beliefs. How is that possible? People, especially people who are into metal, will download music because its as I said, easy and free. It’s hard to combat something like this aside from having a kickass live show that everyone will want to see, but even still, people love taking videos of the concerts and sharing them with people who couldn’t be there themselves. Sure, nothing compares to actually being there feeling the fire and showing your appreciation, but as we progress in technology, its natural for people to settle for the easiest, cheapest option: the Internet.

    What this results in is poor quality of products and poor quality of consumers that will repeat viciously until we all settle for what we have left, something that is barely passable as music because the artists don’t feel appreciated because of their lack of reimbursement. I wish I had a solution for this, but it seems to me that it will happen regardless of any kind of intervention. Stealing has always been there, its just a lot easier with anything that you can torrent.

  4. @Mark Don’t know in other places, but here they stole to us. Each time I buy a hard drive they get money, it doesn’t matter what I’ll use it for, even if it’s for my “art” as sometimes it’s the case or simply data.

    And now some of them probably will go to prison because we thought they “stole” us but they were doing it in reality…

    BTW, I love having cds, books amd everything original, but many times I take a look. For music I love Spotify, it saves time.

  5. I’m mixed with this…
    I think pirating and listening to music for free on the internet is a great way to find new bands, that’s how I found Rammstein so if it wasn’t for downloading for free then I wouldn’t have bought all of Rammstein’s albums or seen them live.
    (Though I first found out about them from a friend but I looked into them a few months later)

    If you like the album/song you heard for free, then you should go out and buy it.

  6. I love it that it’s nothing but millionaires signing this thing. Those who don’t have to make a dime off record sales to be rich off their hard work. It’s called touring and licensing. So absurd. Think about movies, music, and video games recently. They’ve been breaking sales records! The times are changing and people like Til are stuck in the past.

  7. @Snake
    If a band released what you consider to be a shitty album, why would you want it, even for free?

    What about the people who made those books and videos you stole? Don’t you think that they perhaps were trying to better themselves, or the lives of their families with the revenue from what they worked hard to make?
    It’s not a double edged sword at all, it’s stealing.
    If you download it, and you don’t pay for it but you keep it, you stole it.

  8. You’re right guys. I have downloaded all of the Rammstein albums before, but I bought all of them. As Mark said: “If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth paying for.”. I won’t pay anything before I see/hear it.

  9. I agree with Till.In my opinion if one band release a good album
    like rammstein (herzeleid,sehnsucht,mutter,reisereise,rosenrot,lifad)
    It must be rewarded!!!

  10. I totally agree with you Mark!

    I have the 2 vinyl editions of LIFAD -normal and the pink- and love them 😀

    If its good music – Il buy the hard copy!

    I mostly wait for Cds to come down in price to around the £5 tag anyway –

    unless its rammy 😀

  11. I’ve downloaded all of Rammsteins albums despite the fact that I own the originals. I just stick the MP3’s on my player for when I’m out and about.
    I’ve downloaded games and bought the ones I liked and stopped playing and deleted the ones I didn’t.
    I’ve downloaded movies and gone to the cinema to watch any that I enjoyed, but stopped watching and deleted the ones I didn’t.
    If you try something and like it you should buy it.

    I have a beautiful vinyl copy of LIFAD and I ripped and converted that for listening outside the house, but it’s no where near as good as listing to the real thing at home.
    If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth paying for.

  12. I’m split on the issue. When it comes to music, I’m against piracy. I’ve never really embraced MP3s, so I always buy CDs. Artists put effort in to making music that we love & should be awarded accordingly. Afterall I’d hate it if my employers didn’t pay me but still took my work.

    I have however downloaded books & videos for my studies just because I think it’s wrong to charge people who want to better themselves. So it’s a double-edged sword with me

  13. ahh, I’ve only downloaded the singles Rammstein made, because I can’t find them anywhere and it’s too expensive to buy just a couple of rare songs. Anyway, Till once said he hated music sharing sites on the net like Napster, because nothing is for free in life. I agree with him, after all he is an artist and this is what artists live by.

  14. I can’t really judge the Pirate Party. I’ve downloaded illegally before. I don’t buy hard copies of CDs unless it’s a band I LOVE like Rammstein. Most of my music comes from either .rar files I find on the internet of albums or from GoMusicNow which requires you to add money to your account and you buy heavily discounted digital copies of either the entire album or whichever tracks you’re interested in. I also buy some albums from Amazon’s MP3 store.


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