Live DVD From Madison Square Garden Confirmed

Finally after more than a year waiting, the DVD’s production of the show in Madison Square Garden in 2010 (New York, USA) is confirmed by its director Matthew Amos.

Amos enabled a few hours ago in his Vimeo channel the above footage, shot in professional quality, of Rammstein performing Waidmanns Heil. Additionally, the director’s official webiste also lists his Curriculum Vitae with information about the DVD production in the year 2011.

Matthew Amos has also collaborated with other famous artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kasabian, Iron Maiden and Pet Shop Boys.

UPDATE: Director of Photography and Camera Operator Jimmy O’Donnell also confirms the same information in his multi-camera television credits. Also according to this source, the DVD is being produced by the Done & Dusted company.

Many thanks to Rammstein-Mexico for the discovery of these sources.



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