BRET MICHAELS: “Bring the music to the fans!”

BRET MICHAELS, in a recent conversation with The Sports Junkies, talked about the changes in the music world:

“That’s what’s great about the new way of making music: the world can have immediate access to what the material is, and that’s great. So some of the old-school gatekeepers who could decide whether a new band or talent would become really good and known to the world have collapsed. That’s what I like about it. I’ve always truly believed that everyone deserves that chance.

I tell people, “The great thing about you is that it’s easy to find out about you.” The downside is that you’re easy to get rid of. So there’s a lot less attention span. So you still have to do what I did when I was growing up, we used to play at Paradise Bar & Grill, move the pool table out of the way and hand out flyers. And I still believe that whatever you do, first of all, you have to love what you do. And second, you have to bring the music to the streets and to the fans.”


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