BLACK SABBATH guitarist about the appearance of the song with DIO-2


TONY IOMMI said again that he is not happy about the appearance of the song with DIO in the public domain. For the question if there will be a full-fledged release of this track, he replied:

“This is the problem at the moment. Because it was posted without us, we didn’t know it, and that’s not great at all. There’s stuff that Jeff Nicholls did, but it wasn’t on this track. I mean, this song was before he joined the band. But it suddenly turned out that his stepson has it, and he started posting this material, which is wrong, really!»

Tony noted that there are no plans for a quick release of this track:

“I just have a huge number of unrealized options that were recorded, but never came out. And I would like to select some things and release on some albums. We are thinking about gradually adding box sets. And at some point there will be a box set with the Tony Martin era, maybe some stuff with Ian Gillan. So yes – there will be some tracks that have never been seen before.”


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