Happy Birthday Richard!

Richard Kruspe celebrating his Birthday in an unknown club in Moscow
Richard Kruspe celebrating his Birthday in an unknown club in Moscow

We wish a happy Birthday to Richard Kruspe Bernstein (Rammstein Guitarist), born on 24th June, 1967.


  1. Cool photo!)) In general, Richard is very good looking, he does not spend 8 hours before each concert. What nonsense! There’s quite a bit of makeup.

  2. Please, stop doing this, is offensive, you guys are a source for Rammstein news, not to make fun of them.

    I didn’t want to do this, but I’m gonna say this: Afnenrejtct Pls

  3. Umm, maybe I should join the forum. I Love football, although I do agree with some on the olympics. I think someone needs more then a slap on the wrist for being such an ass. This A person just shows their ass all the time, even though others try to follow the rules.

    Back to the topic, I agree with Drama. I still think these pictures of Till and Richard are part of a bigger picture, or a video maybe?

  4. As far as I know, he doesn’t have Bernstein in his name anymore.

    BTW, I can’t see any kind of problem with these pictures (even if they look bad).

  5. Richard is My God …and I find this Funny (I Imagine he would chuckle if he saw it himself 2 !!!)

    Soooooo sssssshhhhhhhhhh just laugh ! SMILES 😀

  6. oh my god.. i can’t believe some of you are taking the photoshopped pic of Richard and Danny’s comment so serious, I agree it’s in bad taste, but it’s funny at the same time.

  7. *Face Palm*


    It’s good to know that some people have a brain but reading what schneider1997 said had made me lose all faith in humanity.

  8. no he does not actually look like that guys, he does not spend 8 hours in makeup before every show ypu tool, i met him at manchester on 1st march before he went into makeup and he looked normal as ever, this is an aged photoshopped picture.

  9. Happy Birthay to the awesome Richard Kruspe! Damn people here really can’t take a joke. I wonder if it has ever occured to anyone, that this photo, and the one of Till may have come from the Mein Herz Brennt video???

  10. @rak: really? i know irony may be hard to see in a post, but come on!
    @ danny: i (and most people) get it 🙂

    but still, why the photoshpd picture? to increase the number of comments?

  11. @DANNY

    YOU are so, so, so STUPID this is a PHOTOSHOPPED picture of Richard Sonne Kruspe, and he is 45 years old now and he looks great both With Or WITHOUT the make up 😉

    Again Happy B-Day RZK

  12. @BFD

    You said you hope this is a joke but unfortunately this is how Richard really looks. Growing up in the DDR combined with 18 years of touring & the excesses that come with it, has left him looking rather world weary. Richard undergoes 8 hours in the make-up chair before every single show to look the way everyone expects. He is in such poor shape that he really should have retired years ago. The only reason he keeps up this charade is so he has the funds to continue his Royal Worcester figurine collection

  13. I am not sure why this web site has to keep putting up old-looking pics of the best band of all time. I hope it is a joke. These guys have been together f**king 18 f**king years and still going strong…

  14. Hey, No. 1 Ramm Fan, he is nowhere near the greatest guitarist on the planet, just saying. His tone is great though.

  15. Happy Birthday to – theee GREATEST GUITARIST ever !

    what a complete an utter GOD !

    —keep up the spectacular work—

  16. why is their always some edited horrible looking photo of a band member when ever they have their birthday. who ever posts these pics needs a life


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