Happy Birthday Richard!

Richard Kruspe celebrating his Birthday in an unknown club in Moscow
Richard Kruspe celebrating his Birthday in an unknown club in Moscow

We wish a happy Birthday to Richard Kruspe Bernstein (Rammstein Guitarist), born on 24th June, 1967.


  1. Cool photo!)) In general, Richard is very good looking, he does not spend 8 hours before each concert. What nonsense! There’s quite a bit of makeup.

  2. Please, stop doing this, is offensive, you guys are a source for Rammstein news, not to make fun of them.

    I didn’t want to do this, but I’m gonna say this: Afnenrejtct Pls

  3. Umm, maybe I should join the forum. I Love football, although I do agree with some on the olympics. I think someone needs more then a slap on the wrist for being such an ass. This A person just shows their ass all the time, even though others try to follow the rules.

    Back to the topic, I agree with Drama. I still think these pictures of Till and Richard are part of a bigger picture, or a video maybe?

  4. As far as I know, he doesn’t have Bernstein in his name anymore.

    BTW, I can’t see any kind of problem with these pictures (even if they look bad).

  5. Richard is My God …and I find this Funny (I Imagine he would chuckle if he saw it himself 2 !!!)

    Soooooo sssssshhhhhhhhhh just laugh ! SMILES 😀

  6. oh my god.. i can’t believe some of you are taking the photoshopped pic of Richard and Danny’s comment so serious, I agree it’s in bad taste, but it’s funny at the same time.


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