Nina Hagen – Seemann video

Catharina “Nina” Hagen is a German singer and actress. Born in East Berlin, German Democratic Republic, Hagen first pursued her career in the mid 1970s.

  • Rammspieler

    This song is a fail I thought cover songs are meant to make a song better …. but this song just gives Rammstein a bad name, it gives Apocalyptica a bad name and it gives Seemann a bad name. Not good enough, Ms Hagen.

    *Although Apocalytica is still epic and their version of the chorus sounds wicked. I would love this song without the voice of ugly, can’t-sing-for-sh** Nina*.

  • Sexist

    Chicks can’t sing for shit!

  • Philmeister

    Misses the epic-ness that only rammstein can bring but nice try.