Rammstein Links 2,3,4 lyric with English translation

Kann man Herzen brechen
können Herzen sprechen
kann man Herzen quählen
kann man Herzen stehlen

Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck
doch seh ich dann nach unten weck
dann schlägt es links


können Herzen singen
kann ein Herz zerspringen
können Herzen rein sein
kann ein Herz aus Stein sein

Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck
doch seh ich dann nach unten weck
dann schlägt es links

links ... links ... links

links zwo drei vier
links zwo, links zwo, links zwo drei vier, links
links zwo, links zwo, links zwo drei vier, links
links zwo drei vier

kann man Herzen fragen
ein Kind darunter tragen
kann man es verschenken
mit dem Herzen denken

Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck
doch seh ich dann nach unten weck
dann schlägt es in der linken Brust
der Neider hat es schlecht gewußt

links, links, links, links

links zwo drei vier, links
links zwo drei vier, links

links zwo, links zwo, links zwo drei vier, links
links zwo, links zwo, links zwo drei vier, links
links zwo, links zwo, links zwo drei vier, links
links zwo, links zwo, links zwo drei vier, links
links zwo, links zwo, links zwo drei vier, links
Can hearts be broken
could hearts talk
can hearts get pained
can hearts get stolen

they want my heart on the right place
but if i look down on me
then it beats left


can hearts sing
can a heart burst
can hearts be pure
can a heart be of stone

they want my heart on the right place
but if i look down on me
then it beats left

left ... left ... left

left two three four
left two, left two, left two three four, left
left two, left two, left two three four, left
left two three four

can hearts be asked
could there be a child under it
can you give it away
with the heart thinking

they want my heart on the right place
but if i look down on me
then it beats in the left breast
the envier knows it´s bad

left, left, left, left

left two three four, left
left two three four, left

left two, left two, left two three four, left
left two, left two, left two three four, left
left two, left two, left two three four, left
left two, left two, left two three four, left
left two, left two, left two three four, left

This song was written in response to the many claims that Rammstein are Nazis that badly influenced various school shootings. The song’s chorus shows that the band’s political views are on the left (2 3 4). The song also has a double meaning. The line “Links 2 3 4″³ also means that their hearts beat on the left.

Links zwo, drei, vier (Left 2 (both zwo and zwei mean 2 in German but due to their similar sounds zwo is used here) 3 4)is also a German army chant.


  1. Drum links, zwei, drei!
    Drum links, zwei, drei!
    Wo dein Platz, Genosse, ist!
    Reih dich ein in die Arbeitereinheitsfront
    Weil du auch ein Arbeiter bist!

  2. This Band has helped me be even more proud of My German Heritage.these guys are awesome! RAMMSTEIN IST WUNDERBAR

  3. Funny that they sing LINKS. The nazis and communist ARE on the left of the political specrum. So Rammstein just reafirmed everyones fears.

    • Learn your political spectrum before you show your stupidity. Nazis are Fascists and on the far right of the poitical spectrum opposite of Communists and Socialists.

    • Mate, Nazis ARE socialists. Nazi is literally short for National Socialist, as in the National Socialist German Workers’ Party?

  4. Rammstein always fuck with your minds. Also in this song.

    “Sie woll´n mein Herz am rechten Fleck”, can mean both, that people want them have them politically right-winged but it means also to have good manners.

    “doch seh ich dann nach unten weck dann schlägt es links” can mean, that they actually are politically left-winged but also that of course as a fact the heart is on the left side of your body.

    so in fact this does not state anything. typically Rammstein.

    BUT. In interviews they (flake) confirmed that this song is clearly written to state their political orientation, as an answer to all those people and media who tried to put them into political right corner.
    This makes also complete sense, since part of the band played in punk bands before.
    Here is the archive of the interview: http://www.breakoutmagazin.de/archiv/aram11.html
    It is in german however.

    “der Neider hat es schlecht gewußt” means, “the envier did know it wrongly”, which is to say to the media and people who do not allow them success and therefore due to envy try to put them in the political right corner that they all were wrong and in fact they are left-winged.
    really clear statement.

  5. This song rocks! Can’t get enough. Glad I went back and started to listening to them. Mein Land too is the awesome rock

  6. Vielleicht hab’ ich Unrecht, aber ich wuerde eine andere uebersetzung vorschlagen. “das Herz an rechten Fleck haben” passt einem idiomatischen englischen Ausdruck, “to have your heart in the right place”. Dieser ausdruck auf Englisch bedeutet, dass man gute Sitten hat; ich glaube – aber achten Sie, bitte, dass ich noch Deutsch lerne, dass es bedeutet auch so auf Deutsch. Im Kontext des Lieds kann so ein Satz zweideutlich sein. Es kann als “ich bin boese trotz seiner Wuenschen” verstanded werden, aber auch etwas anders. Vielleicht ist “den rechten Fleck” nur so genannt, weil es Brauch, Tradition, oder erwartet ist. Till muss sich dann entscheiden, da sagt er “doch seh ich dann nach unten weck.” nach er darueber nachgedacht hat, entscheidet er sich, dass er brauchgesteuerte Ideale nicht glauben kann (recht – ehrenvolle Moralitaet? es kann so sein, aber kann auch als politische Identitaet benutzt werden). darum schlaegt er das Herz ‘links’. da kann man (oder, hab ich) das Lied verstehen. Till, oder der Hauptsprecher, ist nicht echt boese, er moechte nur noch weiter ueber echte ehrenvolle Moralitaet nachdenken. denn er glaubt aber nicht an dieselbe Wunschbilder, scheint er der Gemeinschaft boese, ohne etwas unmoralisches zu tun. er wird davon fuer einen Nazi gehalten, und darum sagen die Stimmen “Links, zwo, drei, vier” als ob er ein Nazisoldat ist. Seinen schwer nachgedachte Ideale wird durch Denkfaulheit und den ewigen Brauch immer missverstanden werden.,,,,,,
    also, ich hab lang geschrieben lol, aber bitte sag mir, wenn, euren Meinungen nach, etwas nicht passt.

  7. If he were speaking English, he’d say it more like this:

    They want my heart to be on my right side
    But I look down and see
    That it beats on my left

  8. Links 2,3,4 is a “Punk anthem” (text+background from band) !
    and the “right touch” that some guys hear is pure irony.

    the song was made agains german/int. media accusations that they are “right”.

    sorry for my bad english, im german ;p


    Being German and Being Proud of your country is NOT to be confused with being a Nazi. (You didn’t even spell it right!) I am an American. I would think that there are quit a few Americans that are proud of their country. THAT does not make them part of the KKK or the Black Panthers. It does not make them anti Semites. It does not Advocate Nazism. I think about all of the Scheiße that RAMMSTEIN have had to put up with because of a certin group or belief.

    I for one,…. my heart goes out to you Rammstein.

    You guys have written some of the most thought-provoking, insightful, honest, beautiful pieces of music on the planet. Truly made to stand the test of time.

    It is this narrow-minded, inconsiderate, uncompromising behavior that still pressing these issues. I am sure they are tired of beating a dead horse…….. if you can’t comprehend don’t try.

    Some lead, some follow
    Heart and soul, hand in hand
    Forwards, forwards, don’t stop
    Reason gains meaning and form

  10. I do not know why you people trying to say that rammstein is not a natzi group. it is a very easy to understand that they hearts are with their fathers and with their fatherland but they cant say it with the common tongue so they use simbols to say what is in their hearts.

  11. I agree with P.
    the song sounds extremely right wing for people who can’t understand German and what he’s saying.

    Those are generally the people who will assume they are Nazis- they’re judging what they don’t understand.

  12. Ok, cna we consider the fact that they’re just using the whole “heart” thing just to sing? Can we not look too deeply into this and just pump up the volume and make our ears bleed and faces melt from pure awsome metal?

  13. why the F- would it show their political view? isnt it obvious rammstein doesnt mess with that kind of stuff? ffs >.<

  14. As I recall the name of the NAZI party was selected simply to have a broad appeal. Socialism was popular at that time. So that was thrown in with German, national and workers. It’s well documented that Hitler detested socialism. Hitler is clearly NOT a leftist. Just like now in America the Tea party represents revolution AND patriotism, who wouldn’t love it? It’s not a group of people drinking tea or supporting the tea industry. It’s just a (somewhat) clever name to get them votes.

    Rammstein isn’t a political band, but I read a quote from one of the band members saying the song means: ‘if anything we’re on the left’. People hear Germans making aggressive music and playing with fire and call them NAZIs. Not only does the band dispell those claims but they do it with a hard, military-themed song. It’s a big middle finger to those people. And an illustration that you can’t judge someone for what they look like or a band by what they sound like. And you definitely can’t tell someone who they are or what they think or feel.

  15. According to the adjective “sozialistiche” from the name of Hitler’s Party (Deutsche NationalSOZIALISTISCHE Arbeiterpartei) … it could be concluded, that the party is left or socialist-oriented … so they are marching on the left! 😉

    • Exactly. National socialists are on the left political spectrum. I am a national socialist and know it better.

    • Bullshit, Nazis are fascists no matter what they call themselves. And the first thing they do is destroy the left.

    • “I am a Socialist, and a very different kind of Socialist than your rich friend, Reventlow. I was once an ordinary working-man. I would not allow my chauffeur to eat worse than I eat myself. What you understand about Socialism is nothing but Marxism. Now look: the great mass of working-men want only bread and circuses. They have no understanding for ideal of any sort whatever, and we can never hope to win the workers to any large extent by an appeal to ideals. We want to make a revolution for the new dominating caste which is not moved, as you are, by the ethis of pity, but is quite clear in its own mind that it has the right to dominate others because it represents a better race: this caste ruthlessly maintains and assures its dominance over the masses”- Hitler

      Sounds a lot like something a socialist would say… Hitler and the Nazi party were fascists, there are no two ways around this. Their policies weren’t socialistic, and they didn’t remotely support the labour unions. They were tyrants, and their being branded as fascists isn’t inconsistent with their political views/

  16. Personally, I feel this song is about stating the obvious in a way… Like, “you speak to me about metaphors… but I’m telling you the facts”… Like, “You ask if a heart can sing… you should know it can’t truly sing, beyond a metaphor… You act like you want my heart to be on the right side of the political spectrum, but you should know that my heart is really in the left side of my chest… my thoughts on politics doesn’t change where my heart is… what you believe me to be doesn’t effect who I truly am, and that is a fact”.

  17. This song I love for moral reasons. Truth is anti-german nazi peeps (those who believe all german are nazis) this song is anti-nazis. My heart beats on the left two three our means “we chose to be on the left side” and the left side is the side where the peaceful germans were, and on the right were the nazis or whatnot.
    At first though, this song scared me ’cause I’m only fifteen and I didn’t even know what it meant. 🙁

  18. My favorite song! (I think it will be forever)

    This song has a special meaning for me. Especially this part: “…der Neider hat es schlecht gewußt…”

  19. Imagine if you and your band were vehemently accused of being racist, and in response, you and your bandmates went on stage and performed an old-school 1920s black-face minstrel show. BUT… the entire show was a tribute to Black freedom movements, Dr. King, Rosa Parks, things of that sort.

    This is sort of like what Rammstein did with this song. On the surface, they loudly appear to be extremist right-wing warmongers, BUT if you pay attention to what they’re actually saying… it’s the exact opposite.

  20. My interpretation of the message is as follows:
    In short: “People want me (my heart) to be at the right side (of the political spectrum) but when I look down it’s on the left.”

    I guess that IS a rather clear statement.

    At first I wasn’t sure but I can’t think of alternative ways to interpret the lines “dann schlägt es in der linken Brust, der Neider hat es schlecht gewusst” (which I think mean as much as: “then it beats in the left side of my chest, the person claiming the opposite was (is) wrong.”)

    My main language is Dutch, not English or German so I could well be way off in both interpretation and explanation :p

    On the other hand all the questions about what hearts should do or be able to do confuse me a little, now I guess they represent either the thought process leading to the “conclusion” contained in the lines mentioned above or some form of statement meaning the writer doesn’t have or want to have an opinion.

  21. I’m not so sure these guys intended this song to state what end of the political spectrum they are on.
    For me it simply shows the frustration with any group pressuring/programming you to believe or act in a manner completely opposite of what is inherently logical.


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