Lindemann Skills In Pills lyrics

[Verse 1]
If you want to die
Or if you want to chill
Even if you want to get high
Whatever happens take a pill
The first I take against depression
The second is pure energy
A green one for my self-agression
Then a red one – ecstasy

All the left is right
All the black is white
All the fast was slow
All the loose is tight
All the heat is snow
All the high was low
All the grief is fun
All the, all the rain is sun

[Bridge 1]
Skills in pills

[Verse 2]
If the jag gets really strong
A pink one goes with booze and blow
So I keep fucking all night long
The orange is for… I don’t know
A grey one for my perfect sleep
Yellow for my needful cure
A blue one keeps my boner steep
I take two, just to be sure


[Bridge 2]
Skills in pills
Skills in pills
Skills in pills
Skills in pills


A white one for whatever pain
In the end I start to cry
So I take the first again
I have a last one and I hope to die

Till Lindemann about the song meaning: “Skills and pills was based on my experience in eastern Germany we couldn’t get any drugs at all so we started grinding up pills, different types and mixes and yeh mix them up with vodka and so we had like a really fucked up cocktail and yeh but you had to be skilled in what you are doing otherwise you fell asleep immediately or you can even die or I don’t know go really crazy. You couldn’t get any drugs there at all so it was like a little substitute.

There are so many opinions about what people are thinking about these songs. They compare to the record company or to how our like world is going down. Everything can be supplied with pills, you don’t even have to eat you can find a substitute with pills.There is a pill for everything which in the end is right, but the basic idea was to make a party song and in memories to the old days because in these days you can get anything you want. Everything’s handled with a pill, it was like a little more progressive of everything.” Source: