Why is BUSH only now releasing a compilation of their best


Gavin Rossdale on the Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show explained why the band has only now decided to release a compilation of their best songs:

“I always saw it as a ‘swan song’ and a kind of excuse. Well, it’s not an excuse because it’s dishonorable because I myself, growing up, would get somebody’s ‘greatest-hits’ [album], it was very convenient. I was like, “Oh, what a handy record.” It was really great. It’s like an appetizer to the band, as opposed to a deep dive. I was always obsessed with progress, the future and not building on the past, having an amazing catalog, but not building on it because I felt like you’d fall into a trap. And so I was always striving to write new music and not doing it because I didn’t want to give the wrong signal, and now I’ve done it because, as with everything, it’s time.”


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