What has Katharina Wagner with Rammstein in common?

She is the new icon of the opera world, Till Lindemann is the face of the hard rock band Rammstein. Together they planned a music project in the Teutoburg Forest. More information is strictly secret. But Christian Thielemann, head of the Munich Philharmonic, has stated: “Catherine is planning something. But it is not yet clear whether I get involved. ”

The management of Rammstein reveals little: “There were discussions. Rammstein examine whether cooperation is possible. ”

Scene of the music spectacle should be the Teutoburg Forest. Katharina Wagner is fan of the band Rammstein and says about the group: “When you see their music videos, they are of course extremely intelligent, because they often play with very bold opera resources.”

Source: bild.de (original text in German)


  1. Wow! that would be amazing… I am a classical music fan, therefore this colaboration would be the best ever heard and seen before!


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